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  1. Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus
    • Gait Disturbance
    • Urinary Incontinence
    • Dementia

    • Diagnosis: CT scan and LP
    • LP is also theraputic
  2. Circumstantiality
    Speech that is delayed from reaching the point, it is over-inclusion of details. But the point is eventually reached
  3. Word Salad
    Total mixture of words that make no sense
  4. Tangentiality
    • The patient never gets to the desired goal.
    • Inability to provide goal-orientated association to the given thought
  5. Flight of ideas
    Rapid shift of ideas with some connection. It is seen in manic patients
  6. Loose associations
    Ideas that are disconnected and seem to jump for one topic to an unconnected topic
  7. Reaction Formation
    Obsessional Characters is the term for the defense mechanism in which an unacceptable impulse is transformed into its opposite.
  8. Projection
    Unacceptable inner impulse is perceived and reacted to as though it was outside oneself. On a psychotic level it takes the form of delusions and hallucinations
  9. Sexualization
    An object or function is endowed with sexual significance that it did not previously have in order to ward of anxieties
  10. Bereavement Sleep Changes
    Insomnia and poor sleep that usually do not last longer than 2 months
  11. Elderly sleep changes
    • Require less sleep time
    • They take longer to fall asleep
    • Then have more night awakenings
    • Decrease in stages 3 and 4 of seep and NREM
  12. SSRI prerequisites
    A past history of hypomanic or manic episodes is important because they can switch hypomania to manic episodes or accelerate in bipolar disorders
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