Chapter 5 + 7 Multiple Choice

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  1. the best definition of a political party
    a group of people who seek to control government through the winning of elections and the holding of public office
  2. the american government is _____ oriented not issue oriented
  3. Parties usually inform the public in what way?
    In the manner that gives them an advantage
  4. This means our government is structured and displayed through identification to a certain party
  5. Multiparty systems tend to provide a ____ representation of the electorate compared to a two party system
  6. Multiparty system does drive a possibility in an ____, often leads to a coalition
    unstable government
  7. In systems such as a _____ does only one party have political control
  8. For practical purposes, a "one party system" really defines itself as a _____ system
    no party
  9. Give an example of when america had a one party system
    Solid South
  10. The beginnings of political parties in the US can be tracked back to the ratification of _____
    Constitution(Federalists vs AntiFederalists)
  11. The years a minor party was a spoiler
    • 1912
    • 1992
  12. The first caucus nomination was in the later colonial period in _________
    the late 1720s in Boston
  13. the use of caucuses early on were heavily opposed especially by those of the newer states on the frontier as they felt is was _____
    unrepresentative in character
  14. When was convention first used
    • 1831 in Baltimore by Anti-Masons
    • National Republicans later 1831
    • Democrats 1832-1840s it became principle format
  15. By the 1920s _____ format would take over conventions in most states
    direct primary
  16. States that still use conventions
    • Connecticut
    • Michigan
    • South Dakota
    • Utah
    • Virginia
  17. The use of the direct primary throughout the United States was in
    1903 Wisconsin
  18. Which state uses a combination of both primaries and conventions
  19. Through the 2000s, three states have adopted a version of open primaries called blanket primaries
    • Washington(1935)
    • Alaska(1970)
    • California(1996)
  20. What ened the use of blanket primaries
    • California Democratic Party vs Jones(2000)
    • Alaska traditional open primary
    • Cal and Wash top two form of open primary
  21. How many states require the absolute majority of voters for victory
  22. When is the usual election day
    Tuesday after the first Monday in November(church and state, payday)
  23. States that fix their election days so it wont fall on congressional elections(usually in spring)
    • Loiusianna
    • Mississippi
    • New Jersey
    • Virginia
  24. How many people use absentee voting and since when
    • 2/3
    • First used in 1864
  25. What is the maximum number of voters in a precinct
  26. Early in history much of the elections were done
    • publicly
    • viva voce
  27. Gneral paper ballots were used by
    the mid 1800s
  28. When was Australian Ballot established
    1856 in Victoria
  29. When was the first sample ballot
    1907 in Oregon
  30. Who patented the first electronic voting machine
    Thomas Edison in 1868
  31. Myer Automatic Booth was first used in
    Loclport, NY in 1892
  32. Electrinic Data Processing was first used in
    1960s Oregon, Calif
  33. When was the first e-vote cast
    November 1997 by David Wolf in Houston Texas
  34. When did Congress first begin to regulate the use of money in federal elections
  35. Year of Federal Election Campaign Act
  36. FECA amendments dates
    • 1974
    • 1976
  37. year of bipartisan campaign reform act
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