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  1. Have a consequence on X (reazione a catena)
    Have a knock-on effect on X
  2. Il rovescio della medaglia
    The flip side of something
  3. To support or to form the basis of an argument, a claim
    To underpin something
  4. Mescolare
    To stirr
  5. E in questo consiste il problema (SF/F)
    And therein lies the problem
  6. Informal for 'to conclude'
    To wrap up
  7. E' una schifezza unica/è spazzatura (I)
    It's totally and utterly rubbish
  8. To start
    To set about + verb (ing form)
  9. Schiacciare qualcosa col piede
    To stamp on something
  10. It's a sure bet that... (I)
    It's highly likely that... (F)
  11. Looking back...
    With hindsight...
  12. It gives me a hell of a buzz
    I get a kick out of it
  13. E' in provincia di...
    It's in the province of...
  14. In periferia...
    In the suburbs of... /outskirts of...
  15. E' stato riqualificato (un territorio)
    It's been requalified...
  16. Leave someone/get revenge on them
    Get your own back on someone
  17. Mi sono spesso interrogata al riguardo (I don't know)
    I've often wondered about this...
  18. Beh, per quanto ne so... (I don't know)
    Well, as far as I'm aware...
  19. In realtà è una cosa alla quale non avevo mai pensato (I don't know)
    Actually, this is something I've never given much thought...
  20. Caspita! Mi hai beccato proprio impreparata questa volta! (I don't know)
    Oh gosh! You've really caught me off the guard here!!!
  21. They really became very useful in the Industrial Revolution
    They really came into their own in the Industrial Revolution
  22. A state of great activity
    A frenzy of something
  23. Very focused/concentrated on (doing) something
    Be engrossed in (doing) something
  24. Giocolare/ destreggiarsi nel fare più cose contemporaneamente
    To juggle... / our brains juggle these tasks
  25. Meet socially/ meet up/ meet
    Get together
  26. Recover from a break-up
    Get over a break-up
  27. Continue doing X
    Get on with X
  28. Can't make someone understand / can't reach someone with a phone call
    Can't get through to someone
  29. Start a career or a profession
    To get into (journalism)
  30. Move from place to place in a city
    To get around the city
  31. Do something wrong without getting caught or punished
    Get away with it
  32. Manage with what you have
    To get by on (less money)
  33. Sono rimasta un po' indietro col lavoro
    I've got a bit behind with my work
  34. It's depressing me
    It's getting me down
  35. Avoid a responsibility or obligation
    To get out of (doing) something
  36. Write or speak to sb again later
    To get back to sb
  37. Be realistic!
    Get real!
  38. Be more independent!
    Get a life!
  39. Please throw away all the Xs
    Please get rid of all the Xs
  40. You don't understand it
    You don't get it
  41. They already have a very good relationship
    They already get on like a house on fire
  42. She misunderstood...
    She got the wrong end of the stick
  43. It really annoys me when you eat my chips
    It really gets on my nerves when you eat my chips
  44. I had the opportunity to do X
    I got the chance to do X
  45. He just doesn't seem to hear what I'm saying!
    He just doesn't seem to get the message!
  46. She had a terrible surprise
    She got a terrible shock
  47. He's becoming older
    He's getting on
  48. It's not easy managing to live on a student grant
    It's not easy getting by on a student grant
  49. He wouldn't move to the side to let me pass
    He wouldn't get out of my/the way
  50. Avere la possibilità di fare qualcosa
    Have the opportunity to do something
  51. Una bufera di e-mail
    A blizzard of e-mails
  52. Intasarsi/otturarsi
    To be/get clogged
  53. It means what you are doing
    The activity at hand
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