Operations chapter 17

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  1. FCFS
    • First come first serve
    • When operating at low capacity levels
  2. LCFS
    - last come, first served
  3. DDATE
    • Earliest due date
    • When only small tardiness values can be tolerated
    highest customer priority
  5. SETUP
    similar required setups
  6. SLACK
    • Smallest slack
    • (due date - today's date) - processing time
    • For periods of normal activity
  7. CR
    • Critical ratio
    • CR - Time remaining / work remaining = (due date - today's date) / remaining processing time
    • CR > 1, job ahead of schedule
    • CR < 1, job behind schedule
    • CR = 1, job on schedule
  8. SPT
    • Shortest processing time
    • Useful when shop is highly congested
    • Do not use to sequence jobs that have to be assembled with other jobs at a later date
  9. LPT
    • Longest processing time
    • If subcontracting is anticipated
  10. Johnson's rule
  11. Theory of constraints (TOC)
    • not all resources are used evenly
    • Concentrate on the "bottleneck" resource
    • Synchronize flow through the bottle neck
    • Use process and transfer batch sizes to move product through facility
    • Finite scheduling approach
  12. Scheduling for process industries
    Should use linear programming to find the lowest cost mix of ingredients and the production order quantity can determine the optimal length of production run
  13. Scheduling for mass production
    determined when the assembly line is laid out
  14. Scheduling for Projects
    because scheduling decisions are so numerous and interrelated we can use PERT and CPM
  15. Scheduling for batch or job shop production
    Production control, shop floor control (SFC) and production activity control (PAC)
  16. Objectives in scheduling
    • Meeting customer due dates
    • Minimizing job lateness
    • Minimizing response time
    • Minimizing completion time
    • Minimizing time in the system
    • Minimizing overtime
    • Maximizing machine or labor utilization
    • Minimizing idle time
    • Minimizing work in process inventory
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