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  1. Exorbitant
    out of orbit, unreasonable
  2. amorphous
    Having no form or shape
  3. Repatriate
    To return to one's country of origin
  4. revoke
    to take back
  5. Anomaly
    not following the norm
  6. unfettered
    free from restraint
  7. unremitting
  8. unparalleled
    Having no parallel or comparison
  9. unorthodox
    Not following the established ways of thinking
  10. unfounded
    Groundless; without substance; false
  11. inviolable
    Secure and can't be violated
  12. inauspicious
    Not favorable
  13. incorporeal
    Without material form
  14. intrepid
  15. unwarranted
  16. immutable
  17. impious
    Lacking reverence; disrespectful
  18. unscathed
    unhurt; unharmed
  19. incorrigible
    Incapable of being reformed
  20. insatiable
    Incapable of being satisfied
  21. amicable
    Pleasant; friendly
  22. miscreant
    One who behaves criminally; an evildoer
  23. abhor
    To dislike; loathe; despise
  24. supercede
    To take the place of
  25. misnomer
    wrong name
  26. gregarious
    enjoying the company of groups
  27. malevolent
    wishing evil or harm to others
  28. benediction
    A blessing
  29. segregate
    To separate into groups
  30. benign
    Not harmful
  31. abdicate
    To give up
  32. malignant
  33. supercilious
    Thinking you are above others; haughty
  34. aberration
    A departure from that is normal or typical
  35. amity
    Peaceful, friendly relations
  36. benefactor
    One who has given help - especially financial
  37. placate
    To calm the anger
  38. affluent
  39. exacerbate
    Aggravate a conflict
  40. acute
    Sharp; very keen
  41. diffident
    Lack of confidence
  42. pugnacious
    Combative; quick to fight
  43. dogged
  44. disconsolate
    Dejected; despondent
  45. anachronism
    Not happening in it's proper time
  46. impugn
    To challenge the honesty of something
  47. repugnant
    Offensive; repulsive
  48. elated
    So happy
  49. obstinate
  50. circumspect
    To look around with caution
  51. perspicacity
    Having keen insight
  52. furtive
    Covert; stealthy
  53. clandestine
  54. dejected
    Sad; disconsolate
  55. intractable
    Stubborn; obstinate
  56. stealthy
  57. placid
  58. exhilarated
    So happy!
  59. hiatus
    Take a break
  60. alleviate
    To lessen
  61. taciturn
    Saying little; to the point
  62. laconic
    Saying little; to the point
  63. evanescent
    Temporary; fleeting
  64. exonerate
    Free from blame
  65. rash
    Without careful thought; done on impulse
  66. postscript
    End of a letter; P.S.
  67. coda
    Concluding musical selection
  68. prologue
    Introduction to a poem, play, story
  69. exculpate
    To Free from blame; exonerate
  70. absolve
    Free from blame
  71. succinct
    Brief; short
  72. preamble
    Introduction to a legal document
  73. Loquacious
  74. adjourn
    To break (as adjourn a meeting)
  75. assuage
    To lessen
  76. glutton
    huge appetite for food or drink
  77. cynic
    Known for distrusting human nature
  78. braggart
    Someone who brags or boasts
  79. Listless
    Restless; lack of energy
  80. iconoclast
    Known for attacking settled beliefs
  81. heinous
    Repulsive; disgusting
  82. debunker
    Known for exposing falsehoods
  83. egoist
    Known for being excessively concerned with himself/herself
  84. demagogue
    Known for using popular prejudices and false claims to gain power
  85. brigand
    Lives life by plunder or stealing
  86. wan
  87. hypocrite
    Says one thing, does another
  88. phlegmatic
    Tired; lethargic
  89. tirade
    Long abusive speech
  90. harangue
    Long, abusive speech
  91. pragmatist
  92. pacifist
    Someone who opposes war and violence
  93. optimist
    Someone with a positive outlook
  94. raconteur
    Known for telling witty stories
  95. miser
    Stingy; a skinflint
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