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  1. myogenic mechanism- what triggers it? what does it do? 

    glomerular feedback
    triggered by high map. It causes the afferent arterioles to contract to decrease flow rate, lowering MAP and GFR 

    if the myogenic isn't enough, the macula densa senses salt and tells the afferent arteriole to constrict more
  2. what does RAA do and where does it come from?
    it decreases GFR to prevent H2O loss when MAP is lower than 80 mmHg

    adrenal cortex
  3. what does ANP do and where does it come from?
    increases GFR to reduce fluid volume in the body when map is above 180 mmHg
  4. why don't you want GFR to be too high
    filtered substances might not be fully absorbed
  5. why dont you want GFR to be too low
    accumulation of waste products
  6. Angiotensin 2 what does it do
    increases surface area of the mesangial cells to relax the cell for more filtration 

    help help my BP is low, come and save me angio
  7. difference in ascending and descending limb
    descending limb only permeable to water

    ascending limb only permeable to salt
  8. Counter current multiplier
    set up osmolarity gradient in the vasa recta that allows reabsorption of water in the collecting duct and descending limb.
  9. what does renin do? where does it come from?
    comes from the kidney, turns angiotensinosen into angiotensin 1 when blood flow to the kidney is low
  10. Angiotensin 2
    activated when BP is low. causes constriction in blood vessels to create more resistance and raise blood pressure
  11. aldosterone
    regulates sodium and potassium(reabsorption of salts)

    comes from RAA in adrenal cortex
  12. ADH
    reabsorbs water, posterior pituitary gland
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