Measurement Validity

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  1. Measure Validity
    a measurement is the extent to which the instrument measures what it is intended to measure
  2. Types of Measurement validity
    • 1. Face Validity
    • 2. Content Validity
    • 3. Criterion Validity
    • 4. Construct Validity
  3. Face Validity
    is the extent on the surface an instrument looks like it is measuring a particular characteristic
  4. Content Validity
    • extent to which a measurement instrument is a representative sample of the content area (domain) being measured.
    • Has content validity if its items or questions reflect the various parts of the content domain in appropriate proportions and if it requires the particular behaviors and skills that are central to that domain
  5. Criterion Validity
    • The extent to which the results of an assessment instrument correlates with another, presumably related measure (criterion)
    • Example: Personality test designed to assess a sales person’s shyness of outgoingness has criterion validity if its scores correlate with other measures of a person’s general socialability
  6. Construct Validity
    • the extent to which an instrument measures a characteristic that cannot be directly observed but is assumed to exist based on patterns in people’s behavior (such as characteristic is a construct)
    • EXAMPLES: Motivation, creativity, racial prejudices are not directly measurable or observed
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