AS Chemistry keywords (atoms and reactions)

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  1. what is an isotope?
    atoms of the same element with different numbers of neutrons
  2. whats the atomic number?
    the number of protons
  3. what is the mass number?
    the number of protons + neutron
  4. what is the relative isotopic mass?
    mass of an atom of an isotope compared with 1/12 the mass of an atom of carbon-12
  5. what is the relative atomic mass?
    weighted mean mass of an atom of an element compared with 1/12 the mass of carbon-12
  6. what is avogardro's constant?
    number of atom per mole of carbon 12 isotope
  7. define the term a mole
    amount of any substance containing as many particles as here are carbon atoms in 12g of carbon 12 isoptope
  8. what is a standard solution?
    is a solution of known substance
  9. what is a species?
    any type of particle that take part in a chemical reaction
  10. what is an acid?
    a species that is a proton donor
  11. what is a base?
    a species that is a proton acceptor
  12. what is an alkali?
    a type of base that dissolves in water forming hydroxide ions
  13. what is anhydrous?
    a substance containing no water molecules
  14. define the term salt
    any chemical compound formed from an acid when the H+ ion from the acid is replaced by a metal ion or other positive ion
  15. what is a cation?
    positively charged ion
  16. whats an ion?
    positively or negatively charged atom
  17. what is an anion?
    negatively charged ion
  18. what is an oxidation number of an element?
    measure of the number of electrons than an atom uses to bond with atoms of another element
  19. what is oxidation?
    • loss if electrons¬†
    • increase in oxidation number
  20. what is reduction?
    • gain of electrons
    • decrease in oxidation number
  21. what is a redox reaction?
    a reaction in which both reduction and oxidation take place
  22. what is a reducing agent?
    a reagent which adds electrons to another species
  23. what is a oxidising agent?
    a reagent which takes electrons from another species
  24. what is a first ionisation energy?
    the energy required to remove one electron from each atom in a mole of atoms in the gaseous state
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