AS Chemistry keywords (electron, bonding and structure)

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  1. what is the first ionisation energy?
    the energy required to remove one electron from each atom in a mole of atoms in the gaseous state
  2. what is electron shielding?
    its the repulsion between electrons in different inner shells. Shielding reduces the net attractive force from the nucleus of outer shell electrons
  3. what is an atomic orbital?
    a region within an atom that can hold up to two electrons with opposite spins
  4. what is an ionic bond?
    the electrostatic attraction between oppositely charged ions
  5. what is a covalent bond?
    they are formed by a shred pay of electrons
  6. what is a dative covalent/ coordinate bond?
    its a shred pair of electrons provided by one of the bonding atoms only
  7. what is electro negativity?
    its a measure of the attraction of a bonded atom for the pair of electrons in a covalent bond
  8. what is a permanent dipole?
    a small change difference across a bond that results in a difference in electronegaitivity's of the bonded atoms
  9. what is a polar covalent bond?
    has a permanent dipole
  10. whats an intermolecular force?
    an attractive force between neighbouring molecules
  11. whats a permanent dipole-dipole?
    a week attractive force between permanent dipoles in neighbouring polar molecules
  12. what is van der waals'?
    attractive force between induced dipoles on neighbouring molecules
  13. what is a hydrogen bond?
    • a strong dipole-dipole attraction between:
    • 1. an electron deficient H atom on one more molecule
    • 2. a lone pair of electrons on a highly electronegative atom on a different molecule
  14. what is metallic bonding?
    the electrostatic attraction between positive metal ions and delocalised electrons
  15. what is a simple molecular lattice?
    3D structure of molecules bonded by weak intermolecular forces
  16. what is a giant covalent lattice?
    3D structure of atoms bonded by strong covalent bonds
  17. what is periodicity?
    its a trend in properties of elements that is repeated across each period
  18. what is thermal decomposition?
    breakdown of chemical substances, using heat, into at least two chemical substances
  19. what is a displacement reaction?
    more reactive element displaces a less reactive element
  20. what is a disproportionation reaction?
    oxidation and reduction of the same element in a redox reaction
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