Eat Sitting Down

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  1. I enjoy spontaneous munching.  I don't want to stop eating while I'm standing.
    I need to sit down to eat.  When I eat standing up, I just don't notice what I'm eating.  I could eat way too much without realising it.  If I want to be thinner, I have to impose this rule on myself.  I might not want to give up this behaviour, but I'll enjoy being thinner so much more.
  2. It's okay if I eat standing up this one time.  I'll eat my next meal sitting down.
    "Just this one time" is NOT okay.  I have to face the fact that I probably can't lose weight or keep it off if I refuse to change my habit of eating while standing up.
  3. I don't have time to sit down to eat.
    Sitting down isn't optional.  I'll have to rearrange my schedule so that I do have time.  It's essential for controlling what and how much I eat.
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