Spanish Idioms

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  1. sin embargo
  2. ahora mismo
    right now
  3. de nuevo
  4. hacer el papel de
    to play the role of
  5. dar un paseo
    to take a walk
  6. raras veces
  7. soñar con
    to dream about
  8. al día siguiente
    the next day
  9. sobre todo
    above all, especially
  10. llevar a cabo
    to carry out
  11. darse cuenta de
    to realize
  12. echar a menos
    to miss (a person)
  13. por si acaso
    just in case
  14. tratar de
    to deal with, to be about
  15. querer decir
    to mean
  16. a menudo
  17. a la vez
    at the same time
  18. por lo menos
    at least
  19. de vez en cuando
    from time to time
  20. en vez de
    instead of
  21. tan pronto como sea posible
    as soon as possible
  22. en seguida
    at once
  23. a pesar de
    in spite of
  24. dar con
    to meet up with, bump into
  25. de buena gana
  26. de mala gana
  27. hacer caso de/a
    to pay attention to
  28. por lo visto
  29. por supuesto
    of course
  30. pensar en
    to think of, about
  31. pensar de
    to have an opinion about
  32. de golpe/ de repente
  33. carecer de
    to lack
  34. hace mucho tiempo
    long ago
  35. lograr + inf.
    to attain, succeed in
  36. tener ganas de
    to feel like
  37. tardar en
    to delay
  38. al + inf.
  39. dejar de
    to stop doing
  40. volver a
    to return to doing
  41. por eso
  42. a pie
    on foot
  43. de pie/ parado
  44. a causa de
    because of, due to
  45. a propósito
    on purpose, by the way
  46. a tiempo
    on time
  47. de veras
    really, truly
  48. de hecho
    in fact
  49. de memoria
    by heart
  50. de acuerdo
    agreed, ok
  51. hay/había/hubo
    there is/there was/there was(one event)
  52. haber de + inf.
    to be/ to be supposed to
  53. deber de + inf.
    to be supposed to
  54. hay que + inf.
    one must
  55. hay + noun + que + inf.
    there is ... verb
  56. no hay de qué
    it's nothing
  57. hace buen tiempo/frío/calor/etc.
    • Nice weather/it's cold/hot/etc.
    • (outside)
  58. estar frío/calor/etc.
    • it's cold/hot
    • (food)
  59. tener frío/calor/hambre/sed/éxito/razón/sueño/cuidado/prisa/gusto en
    • to be cold/hot/hungry/thristy/successful/right/luck/in a hurry/happy to
    • (person)
  60. hacer el favor de + inf.
    do the favor of
  61. hacer de + noun
    to act as ...
  62. hacer la maleta/el baúl
    to pack a suitcase/trunk
  63. hacerse falta
    • to need
    • (used like gustar)
  64. hace + time + preterite
  65. hacerse
    to become(through one's efforts)
  66. tener + años
    to be years old
  67. tnere dolor en + body part
    to have a pain in ...
  68. tener que + inf.
    to have to
  69. tener mucho que hacer
    to have much to do
  70. tener la bondad de + inf.
    please ... (command)
  71. acabar de + inf.
    to have just ...
  72. bajar de + noun
    to get off the
  73. subir a + noun
    to get on
  74. cambiar de
    to change
  75. contar con
    to count on/rely on
  76. dejar caer
    to drop
  77. dejar de + inf.
    to stop/fail doing
  78. echar a + inf.
    to begin to
  79. echar
    to send a letter, to start, to throw
  80. enamorarse de + person
    to be in love with
  81. estar a punto de + inf.
    to be about to ...
  82. estar para + inf.
    to be about to
  83. estar de/a pie
    to be standing
  84. estar por ...
    to be in favor of
  85. llegar a ser + noun
    to become
  86. llevar a cabo
    to carry out
  87. ponerse
    to put on clothes/to become an emotion/condition
  88. ponerse a + inf.
    to begin to
  89. querer decir
    to mean
  90. quiero decir que
    I mean that
  91. salir bien/mal
    to go/do well/poorly
  92. tardar en + inf.
    to delay in
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