Anatomy and Physiology Worksheet 2

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  1. Name the two divisions of the skeletal system.
    • Axial
    • Appendicular
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  2. List three functions of the skeleton
    • Support
    • Movement
    • Protection
    • Storage
    • Blood Cell Production
    • ***Skeletons Must Protect + Serve Blondes***
  3. How are bones classified?
    • Short eg. carpals and tarsals
    • Irregular eg. mandible and vertebrae
    • Sesamoid eg. patella
    • Flat eg. skull, ribs, pelvis and scapulae
    • Long eg. humerus and femur
    • ***Shape Is Shape For Life***
  4. Name the three types of bone cells in bone
    • Osteoclasts: are large cells that dissolve the bone.
    • Osteoblasts: are the cells that form or 'build' new bone.
    • Osteocytes: can sense pressures of cracks in the bone and help to direct where the osteoclasts will dissolve the bone.
  5. What is ossification?
    Ossification is the term associated with bone formation.

    Ossification (or osteogenesis) in bone remodeling is the process of laying down new bone material by cells called osteoblasts. It is synonymous with bone tissue formation.
  6. Give another term for the shaft of the bone.
    • Diaphysis
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  7. Name the connective tissue that surrounds the bone.
  8. Where would you find articular cartilage?
    You would find articular cartilage at the ends of bones where they come together to form joints.
  9. Name the two types of bone tissue.
    • Compact (Cortical) Bone: the extremely hard exterior
    • Spongy (Cancellous) Bone: fills the hollow interior
  10. Where would you find the atlas?
    The atlas (C1) is the most superior (first) cervical vertebra of the spine.
  11. Where would you find the axis?
    The axis is the second cervical vertebra of the spine.
  12. Give another name for the sitting bone.
    • The ischium tuberosity
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  13. Name the divisions of the vertebral column
    • Cervical (C1 - C7)
    • Thoracic (T1 - T12)
    • Lumbar (L1 - L5)
    • Sacrum (S1 - S5) *fused
    • Coccyx (3-5 fused)
  14. How many ribs articulate with the sternum?
    • Usually 7 true ribs articulate with the sternum.
    • 8-12 are false ribs.
    • 11 and 12 are floating ribs.
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  15. What two bones does the clavicle articulate with?
    • Sternum and Acromion of the Scapula
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