Modified Wordly Wise Lesson 8

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  1. Very old; of a long time ago

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    ancient (adjective)
  2. A period of one hundred years.

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    century (noun)
  3. A room
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    chamber (noun)
  4. An office or group of offices
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    chambers (noun)
  5. 1. A way in
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    2. Each separate item in a diary or list

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    entry (noun)
  6. The inside part of something
    interior (noun)
  7. 1. To find
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    2. To put or to be found in a place.
    locate (verb)
  8. The place where something can be found
    location (noun)
  9. 1. A part or share of a whole

    2. A serving or helping, as of food

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    portion (noun)
  10. 1. Very valuable

    2. Much loved

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    precious (adjective)
  11. A slanted walk or roadway that connects a lower to a higher place.

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    ramp (noun)
  12. 1. The outside layer; the top
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    2. An outward look or appearance
    surface (noun)
  13. To rise to the top of a body of water
    surface (verb)
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