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  1. hypnotized people have
    Hypnotize people have free will and are hyper attentive
  2. What is hipnosis  compared to
    Characterized by extreme suggestibility it is compared to daydreaming you focus only on the subject at hand nothing else
  3. What does the hypnotist communicate directly with
    Your subconscious
  4. EEGs on someone who is hypnotized
    • boost in low-frequency waves waves that deal with dreaming in sleep a drop in higher frequency waves that deal with being fully awake
    • decrease in the left hemisphere brain
  5. age regression
    People react or recalled her childhood memories
  6. posthypnotic suggestion's
    Instructions given under hypnosis about experiences or behaviors to take place after hypnosis Hypnotica facts can take affect for hours or days
  7. posthypnotic amnesia
    After  where they forget everything that occurred during hypnosis
  8. role theory
    it isn't a special state of consciousness
  9. State theory
    It is an altered state of consciousness
  10. Ernest Hilgard
    Hypnosis causes us to divide conscious of voluntarily one part follows and listens the other retained awareness of reality
  11. The hidden observer
    A part of our consciousness that monitors what happening while the rest of our bodies focused on the hypnotist
  12. changes that happen under hypnosis
    Reduce playfulness attention is redistributed enhanced ability to fantasize increased ability to role-play resist reality testing
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