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  1. Drug
    Induces an altered state of consciousness
  2. What does a drug affect our behavior with
    it alters the central nervous system in the liver produces enzymes to metabolize the drug
  3. The blood brain barrier
    Can prevent certain materials in the blood from entering the brain the molecules that make up psychoactive drugs are small enough to pass the blood brain barrier
  4. anatomy of the blood brain barrier
    semi permeable only certain things can pass through
  5. agonist
    Mimics neurotransmitters because they fit onto receptor sites just like the normal neurotransmitter would
  6. antagonist
    Bullocks drugs will eventually alter the natural sea of neurotransmitters in the brain the brain will produce less a specific neurotransmitter a basting artificially supply by psychoactive drug
  7. how do you know if a drug pass is the blood brain barrier
    Anytime a substance alters perception thinking behavior mood or produces any feeling of relaxation increase alertness are very hallucinations
  8. Tolerance
    after repeated use a larger doses need to produce the same effect
  9. functional tolerance
    developed as a result of reducing are alternate number receptors in the neuron
  10. metabolic tolerance
    Deliver adapts repeated use of a drug and speeds up the production of enzymes to metabolize a job so the dogs out before shorter period of time
  11. what happens with tolerances build up
    The person is depending on the drug and will have to go through withdrawals and sons symptoms
  12. physiological dependence
  13. psychological dependence
    user needs drug for a sense of well-being
  14. The limbic system releases what neurotransmitters
    Serotonin dopamine
  15. how to draw target the brains reward system
    want to brain wi th dopamine
  16. depressants
    Alcohol barbiturates tranquilizers
  17. alcohol intake is shaped bye
    Cultural learning and expectations
  18. What is being depressed with depressants
    The central nervous system
  19. alcohol inhibits the release of ACH throughout the central nervous system which disrupts
    memory learning muscle coordination and muscle tone
  20. barbiturate
    Sleeping pills similar to alcohol they suppress the part of the brain that controls arousal and alertness can also reduce anxiety and asked to remove inhibitory behavior Burbage was overdose maker because effective dose of the drug is not too far away from the lethal dose
  21. what drug can be used to treat epilepsy
  22. Tranquilizers
    And tying Zaidi drugs can make the user feel calm and relaxed certain tranquilizers are toxic when combined with alcohol
  23. stimulants
    Amphetamines cocaine crack caffeine nicotine ecstasy
  24. what happens when a stimulant wears off
    the system balances itself out with the crash
  25. Who are amphetamines given to you in World War II
    Soldiers and pilots to keep him alert in to fight off the tea
  26. what do amphetamines do
    Increases norepinephrine have to be in both the brain in the sympathetic nervous systemit can also cause aggressive outbursts and paranoid delusions
  27. cocaine
    cocaine increases dopamine are user can create tolerance after the first use it is a good to provide anesthesia
  28. cocaine in pregnancy
    The baby can suffer withdrawal symptoms
  29. crack
    Very potent very addictive works quickly and doesn't last long increases dopamine similar to cocaine can cause elevated heart rate and blood pressure increased body temperature risk of seizure and cause of paranoia and aggression
  30. caffeine
    why do you psychoactive jog occurs naturally in many plans you could build a tolerance up against it
  31. nicotine
    Strong autonomic nervous system stimulant week central nervous system affects quickly metabolized by the liver it is an agonist
  32. what does nicotine stimulate
    The Briens pleasure in reward system in the limbic system also involved in appetite learning memory and pleasure it releases a lot of dopamine so the brain cuts production of the neurotransmitter to reduce the number of some receptors so now the person is nicotine just to create normal levels of dopamine in the brain this leads to addiction
  33. Ecstasy
    15 minutes to enter the bloodstream and last for 3 to 6 hours users my feel very alert lose a sense of time hallucinations and feelings of emotional closeness with others ecstasy kill serotonin in the brain and has been shown to cause panic disorder
  34. narcotics or opiates
    Causes sleepiness relieves pain depresses the CNS and respiratory system
  35. with the opiates act like
    Act like agonistsĀ for endorphins
  36. opium
    Aaddiction has caused the wars
  37. morphine
    Derived from opium can produce heroin
  38. heroin
    Three times stronger than morphine blocks Pain stimulates Endorphins
  39. hallucinations
    Altered sense of reality loss of reality
  40. How to hallucinations affect the brain
    Distorting my sense is changing her impression of time and space difficulty concentrating communicating and telling the difference between reality and illusion
  41. LSD
    Effects on serotonin has an unusual echo that triggers flashbacks of sudden flashbacks of their past experiences of two days or months or even years after they stop the drug is not addictive but you can develop a tolerance to it thanks
  42. Marijuana
    xlong-term use leads to dependence in lesson impairments in reasoning and memory THC the active ingredient in it burn center on in the limbic system and within the substantia ah Nigra
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