DC-9 Hydraulics

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  1. What does Spoiler bypass lever do?
    What is indicated when Spoiler bypass is ON?
    System bypass?
    • redirects hydraulic fluid¬†for maintenance to work on spoilers.
    • Normal Pressure.
    • HYD PRESS LOW annunciator, and normal pressure.
    • HYD PRESS LOW annunciator, and no pressure
  2. What is on the Left Hydraulic System?
    What is on the Right Hydraulic System?
    What is on Both?
    • -Thrust Reverser, Inboard flight spoilers, Elevator.
    • -Gear, Aft Stairs, Thrust reverser, Outboard flight spoilers, Rudder.
    • -flaps, brakes, nose wheel steering, ground spoilers, slats.
  3. What is the min quantity of hydraulic fluid with flaps retracted and system pressurized both analog and digital?
    5 qts.
  4. The Aux, transfer, and both Engine driven pumps must in what position during takeoff and landing?
    ON/HI unless under MEL.
  5. How does the landing gear operate?
    What system does it use?
    Why is AUX PUMP in the right wheel well?
    • mechanically actuated, hydraulically operated.
    • Right hydraulic system.
    • To aid with gear retraction
  6. How many accumulators are on the airplane?
    Where are they located?
    • Six.
    • Brakes (2) if you lose hydralics 3-5 cycles.
    • Elevator Augmentation(1) 2 Pushes
    • Aft Stairs and Rudder share(1) lowers the stairs slower and prevents fluctuation from LG.¬†
    • Reverse Thrust(2) 1 extend / possible Retract.
  7. What systems are on the left hydraulic system?
    • TIE
    • Thrust Reverser (Left)
    • Inboard Flight Spoilers
    • Elevator Augmentation
  8. What is located on the Right Hydraulic System?
    • GATOR
    • Gear
    • Aft Stairs
    • Thrust Reverser (Right)
    • Outboard Flight Spoilers
    • Rudder
  9. What is controlled by both hydraulic systems?
    • FANGS
    • Flaps
    • Anti-skid Brakes
    • Nosewheel Steering
    • Ground Spoilers
    • Slats
  10. How can you measure the quantity of hydraulic fluid in the resevoir?
    • Quantity gauges in the cockpit
    • Sight gauges on the reservoir
  11. Where are the hydraulic resevoirs located?
    Where is the hydraulic fire SOV located?
    • in the respective wheel wells.
    • between the resevoir and the engine driven pump.
  12. How is the hydraulic fire SOV actuated?
    by the fire handles.
  13. Pressure range of hydraulic EDPs and AUX pumps in HI mode?
    Pressure range of EDPs in LOW mode?
    Pressure range of the Transfer PUMP?
    • 3000 PSIs(2800-3100)
    • 1500 PSIs(1300-1700)
    • 2000-3100 PSI
  14. When do the pressure relief valves open?
    3600 PSI
  15. What does the transfer pump do?
    Transfers power from one system to the other in case of hydraulic pump failures.
  16. What does the amber light on the hydraulic quantity gauge indicate?
    • Engines Running - quantity below 4 quarts
    • Engines Shut Down - quantity below 8 quarts on the right system, or 7 quarts on the left system
  17. What does the transfer pump switch operate?
    What happens when placing transfer switch to OFF?
    • The two transfer pump valves, allowing pressure to transfer if one system loses pressure.
    • Placing the switch off or loss of power on the R DC Bus will cause the valves to close.
  18. What does the AUX pump switch OVRD mode do?
    Bypasses the overheat protection and powers the aux pump
  19. What is the purpose of the Spoiler Shutoff and System Depressurization Valves?
    Used by MX to either isolate the inboard spoilers or depressurize the appropriate hydraulic system
  20. What are the cockpit indications if the Spoiler Shutoff and System Depressurization Valve is set to SPOILER OFF?
    L/R HYD PRESS LOW annunciator illuminates.
  21. What are the cockpit indications if the Spoiler Shutoff and System Depressurization Valve is set to SYSTEM BYPASS?
    L/R HYD PRESS LOW annunciator illuminates and the hydraulic pressure gauge will indicate near zero pressure
  22. If you lose electrical power, what will happen to the engine-driven pump?
    What about Transfer Pumps?
    • It will revert to HI and 3000 PSI
    • Fail in last position.
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