Fluid Statics and Dynamics 3

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  1. What is the Torricelli Equation?
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  2. Define pressure in terms of fluid column height.
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  3. What is the equation for Lift in terms of Buoyancy?
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  4. What equation describes Archimedes Principle?


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  5. What is the definition of Buoyancy in terms of Specific Weight?
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  6. What is the definition of hydraulic (or water) horsepower (WHP)?
    The power actually transferred to the fluid from the pump.
  7. What is brake horsepower, and how is it related to water horsepower?
    • The power delivered to the pump by the motor.
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  8. What is Bernoulli's equation in terms of m or ft?
  9. What is Bernoulli's equation in terms of J/kg or ft-lbf/lbm?
  10. How is the Loss Coefficient (K) related to the Friction Factor (f) and Equivalent Length (Le)?
  11. What is the Darcy Equation for head loss due to friction?
  12. How is the electrical power delivered to the motor related to the brake horsepower of the pump?
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  13. What equation calculates the thrust of a rocket engine?
  14. What is the equation for fluid shear stress as a function of absolute viscosity?
  15. What equation relates vapor pressure (pv) to fluid column (h), and measured pressure (pa)?
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    • chart?chf=bg,s,00000000&cht=tx&chl=p_v%3Dp_a-%5Cgam%20h&chs=192x42
  16. In the Hazen-Williams formula for head loss due to friction:


    what are typical values for C, for both new steel pipe and for steel pipe that has been in service for significant time.
    • C = 140 for new pipe
    • C = 100 for pipe in service for some time
  17. How is hydraulic diameter related to hydraulic radius?
    D= 4·rh
  18. What is the definition of Hydraulic Radius?
  19. In the equation for water hammer:
    what are chart?chf=bg,s,00000000&cht=tx&chl=%5CDel%20p&chs=48x36chart?chf=bg,s,00000000&cht=tx&chl=a&chs=20x20, and chart?chf=bg,s,00000000&cht=tx&chl=%5CDel%20v&chs=46x30 ?
    • chart?chf=bg,s,00000000&cht=tx&chl=%5CDel%20p&chs=48x36 : pressure increase
    • chart?chf=bg,s,00000000&cht=tx&chl=a&chs=20x20 : speed of sound in the pipe (based on the composite modulus)
    • chart?chf=bg,s,00000000&cht=tx&chl=%5CDel%20v&chs=46x30 : instantaneous velocity change
  20. In relation to water hammer, what does this equation represent?
    chart?chf=bg,s,00000000&cht=tx&chl=t&chs=14x26 is the closing time needed to cause water hammer.
  21. What is a hydraulic grade line?
    A graphical representation of the sum of the pressure and potential energy.


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  22. In the equation for pressure loss
    what is G?
    • G is the mass flow rate per unit area
    • chart?chf=bg,s,00000000&cht=tx&chl=%5Cfrac%7Blbm%7D%7Bft%5E2%20-%20sec%7D&chs=118x76  chart?chf=bg,s,00000000&cht=tx&chl=%5Cfrac%7Bkg%7D%7Bm%5E2%20-%20sec%7D&chs=118x72
  23. What is this equation?
    It is the drag force acting on a body (FD).
  24. What is the range of Reynolds number in the critical zone, or transition region?
    Re = 2100 to 4000
  25. What assumption should be made for a more conservative design in the critical zone?
    Assume turbulent flow.
  26. for laminar pipe flow, the centerline velocity is equal to approximately:
    A. Twice the average velocity.
    B. chart?chf=bg,s,00000000&cht=tx&chl=%5Csqrt%7B3%7D&chs=38x46 times the average velocity.
    C. The average velocity.
    A. Twice the average velocity.
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  27. True of false: The Darcy friction factor (f) increases with Reynolds until the flow is fully turbulent.
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