10th grade act vocab

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  1. anachronistic
    anything that is or seems to be out of place in history (adj)
  2. assiduous
    working hard steadily (adj)
  3. censure
    the act of or blaming or finding fault with (noun or verb)
  4. conformist
    one who tries to act, look, or think like everyone else (noun)
  5. deleterious
    harmful to health or well-being (adj)
  6. enervating
    taking away the strength or energy of (adj)
  7. evanescent
    tending to vanish like vapor (adj)
  8. florid
    flushed with red or pink; too full of decoration, very showy, gaudy (adj)
  9. hackneyed
    used so often that it's become stale or dull; cliche (adj)
  10. hedonist
    one who believes that pleasure or happiness is the sole or chief good in life (noun)
  11. impetuous
    acting or done suddenly and with little thought; rash (adj)
  12. inconsequential
    of no importance; too small or ordinary to matter (adj)
  13. lobbyist
    person who tries to influence lawmakers to vote to benefit a special group (noun)
  14. orator
    a public speaker (noun)
  15. perfidious
    showing treachery; betraying trust (adj)
  16. prosaic
    dull and ordinary; unimaginative (adj)
  17. prudent
    able to make sensible decisions; careful or cautious in the way one acts (adj)
  18. querulous
    always complaining or finding fault; showing a cross or irritable outlook (adj)
  19. renovation
    restoration to a former, better state; restoration to life, vigor, or activity (noun)
  20. reverence
    great love and respect, especially for something holy (noun)
  21. spurious
    not true, factual, or genuine (adj)
  22. surreptitious
    done in a quiet or secret way (adj)
  23. vindicate
    to free from blame, guilt, or suspicion (verb)
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