CattleII1- Lameness

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  1. Why do we care about lameness? (3)
    animal welfare concerns (pain), decreased production, economic losses (increased culling, decreased preg)
  2. Sole ulcers mainly contributes to ____________; digital dermatitis mainly contributes to ____________; foot rot mainly contributes to ____________.
    milk loss; treatment cost; decreased fertility
  3. Causes of lameness. (6)
    hoof diseases, fractures, hip luxations, joint infections, tendon/ligament disorders, muscle trauma
  4. What is the primary concept to localizing lameness?
    they spend less time on the lame leg (down on sound, short-strided)
  5. What is very suggestive of dorsal hip luxation?
    greater trochanter in line with tuber coxae and tuber ischii- greater trochanter should be ventral, forming a triangle
  6. What is very suggestive of ventral hip luxation?
    greater trochanter disappears- rectal palpation to try and feel femoral head in obturator foramen
  7. How does a cow stand if lame on the medial claw(s)?
    • unilateral- leg further under body
    • bilateral- crossed legs
  8. How does a cow stand if lame on the lateral claw(s)?
    leg(s) placed more laterally than normal (put weight on medial claw)
  9. What are the 3 most common pathologies of the stifle joint?
    patellar luxation, collateral ligament rupture, CCL ligament rupture
  10. You can flex the stifle and extend the hock simultaneously...what's wrong?
    peroneus tertius rupture
  11. You can flex the hock with the stifle straight/extended....what's wrong?
    gastroc rupture
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