Orthopedics/Podiatry Clinics

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  1. Acute Hand Clinic
    • pt evaluated by DOI clinic (date of injury) or ER
    • pt best benefited from [hand specialist]
    • pt scheduled for surgery prn
  2. Acute Knee Clinic
    • pt evaluated by DOI clinic or ER
    • pt best benefited from [sports medicine specialist]
    • pt scheduled for surgery prn
  3. DOI Clinic (date of injury)
    • acute care clinic
    • pt seen from ER
  4. Fracture Clinic
    • newly injured patients that do not need f/u by Ortho Surgeon
    • manned by NP/PA's
  5. Podiatry Clinic
    • Endocrinology - diabetic/renal patients
    • Primary Care - non surgical patients
    • Surgical Podiatry - surgical elective and non elective surgery
  6. Pre-Op (PO) Clinic
    provider to discuss w/ pt about surgery within 30 days of scheduled surgery
  7. Regular Clinic
    • consists of 2 consults
    • 2 Pre-Ops
    • 6 return appts
  8. SCN Clinic (Special Care Nurse)
    • post-op pts in need of,
    • wound care
    • dressing changes
    • education
    • pain management
  9. SPR (special procedure room)
    • performed in theĀ 
    • cast room
    • radiology
    • exam rooms
    • SPR room (El Cajon Clinic)

    • for injections
    • wound debridement
    • pin removal
  10. Tech Visit Only
    • Pt with prescriptions for casts, splints, brace needs
    • Pt in need for cast changes
  11. Trauma
    service for patients in need of emergency surgical treatment (Zion facility only)

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