Review Sheets #2

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  1. Who keep the orginal copy of grievance once the disposition has been reached
    Bargaining Unit
  2. When does a supervisor sign off on EIS timesheets
    1st day back after off days
  3. When an employee is on non-pay statue before/after a holiday what attendance code is used?
    Holiday Forfeited (HOLF)
  4. Can a person with a felony complete a ride along?
    if against a person or drug charge NO

    within 5yr of conviction: felony property, misd moral charges, pending charges-NO

    with in 1 yr of misd-NO
  5. Observer can ride how often in 2 weeks

    Officers initiating a request how far out from ride
    1 time

    24 hours
  6. Observe rides must end by what time?
  7. Up to how many weeks of FMLA leave is paid?
    12 weeks
  8. Who approves a take home car while on Temp. light duty?
    Division Chief
  9. How many working days is the max for leave with out pay for personal reasons?
    up to 10 working days
  10. Maximum leave of absense without pay for "beneficial top the service of the City?
    up to 6 months
  11. Military leave less than ___  you will keep your equipment?
    60 days except your vehicle.
  12. Who has the final approval for leave without pay?
    Chief of Personnel Division
  13. Who places an office on paid leave if his actions cause a death? (admin leave)
    A/C Crimes against persons
  14. Who reviews paid admin leave and determine when a officer will return?
  15. With in ___ supervisors shall prepare the Supervisor's investigation report of employees injury? (IOD)
    24 hours
  16. With in ____ the occupation nurse will receive the original and 1 copy of first report of injury?  How is it delivered?
    with in 1 working day?  hand delivered?
  17. true/false
    Volunteers are not covered under worker's comp?
    false:  they are covered
  18. After ____  aggravation of an old injury in subsequent accident is as treated as a new injury?
    2 years
  19. With in ____  arresting officer must file charges with teh SAO (if not working the next day_
    120 hours.  If working next day 24 hours.
  20. Who entered in the transmittal filing aff'd in the log at Forsyth
  21. Who do you notify if you are unable to attend traffic court?
    Court Security Personnel
  22. How much do you get paid while on the phone with a defense attorney?
    one hour straight time (max of two hours straight time)..through PSB
  23. If you miss a DHSMV hearing what do you do?
    With in two days must submit a letter
  24. How long after a name change must you notify supervisor?
    30 days
  25. If you move or change your phone long do you have to report it?
    24 hours after first day back
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