Act 1 Scene 1

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  1. DINAH: So Sister Mary Esther has big news. Five bucks says the boiler at the convent broke. We could be in for some titillating dinner conversation girls.
    (Enter on this line. Hug Sheree at door. Place suitcase DS right. X to just beyond stage right chair.)
  2. Lexie: No, I bet she's going to Rome for an audience with the Pope.
    Hi, Girls!
  3. Lexie: she's pregnant, isn't she?
    Eight months and counting. (pause) So... anybody going to say anything?
  4. Sheree: We know what she's done, what we don't know is who she's done it with.
    Okay, so now you know my big news, and I've left the convent.
  5. Dinah: Naturally, we'd expect one to follow the other.
    Good, that's out of the way. Now, I'm starving. Where are we going for dinner?
  6. Lexie: Start Explaining, Sister Mary Esther Hot Pants.
    Can I get something to drink first?
  7. Sheree: Sure. But don't tell any of the good stuff 'til I get back.
    Oh, I never would. Granny McFeeley always said, "Don't strike the match 'til you got all your kindlin' in the stove." (very short pause) Oh, that looks good.
  8. Vernadette: We can't let you do that to the baby.
    Oh, Sheree, right? (sit in left chair)
  9. Sheree: Here we go. Now start talking.
    Well.... Ya'll remember how I'd gotten the calling right after graduation? Guess what? I got another one.
  10. Lexie: Darlin', we are not Catholic, You'll have to walk us through this.
    Okay. One day I was working at the shelter and a mommy asked me to hold her baby while she fed her two-year-old. When I held that tiny, little thing, I had the most incredible sensation. I looked into that baby's eyes and it was like a jolt of electricity just shot right through me. I realized I wasn't supposed to be a sister anymore. I'm supposed to be a mother. So, I decided to leave the convent and had myself artificially inseminated.
  11. Lexie: Isn't that sweet? She doesn't even know the other way's more fun?
    Sheree: You know, you could've shared this with us before now.
    I wanted to surprise you and there's been so much to do. Boy howdy, leaving the Sisters and moving home to Charlottesville to live with Mama has been an awful lot to handle.
  12. Vernadette: You're certainly bringing this baby in under the wire.
    I know that's going to present its own set of challenges, but it's like Granny McFeeley would say, "When you change horses mid-stream, you better count on gettin' your boots wet."
  13. Dinah: Your grandma was a talkative old gal, wasn't she?
    Oh, she sure was. After the chimney collapsed and that  brick hit her in the head, no one could shut her up.
  14. Lexie: Look, Jeri Neal, if you're happy about this, we're happy.
    I'm very happy. (holds out arms) Group hug? (hug) Now, I don't want this to make the weekend weird for anyone, but honestly, we've made so many wonderful memories here, I knew this was the only place for me to share my news with you.
  15. Sheree: And to that end, we're fixin' to kick off our weekend right. Come on. Lift 'em high girls.
    (pick up glass and hold out) The faster we swim, the sooner we win! (take a drink)
  16. Vernadette: That still gives me a tingle after all these years.
    Sheree: It helped us win a lot of swim meets.
    Oh, that reminds me, look what I found when I was packing my things at the convent. (get photo from purse; hold photo out in front and XDS) This was taken right after we won the Conference Swim Meet.
  17. Lexie: Yeah, but some of us a little more than others.
    (Point at the photo) And I've still got the medal. That was the happiest moment in my life (pats stomach) Soon to be demoted to second happiest.
  18. Sheree: You know, the one who put the "oohh" in Speed-o.
    Whew, Richie Walker! Now that's a fella who could eat crackers in my bed any old time.
  19. Lexie: Hey, leave her alone. She's got a lot of catching up to do
    But right now, I've got to go to the bathroom. (exit USC to bathroom)
  20. Sheree: nap at three, another group swim, cocktails and for supper we grill on the deck. Everyone got it?
    (unsteady on the feet, enter from the bathroom)
  21. Sheree: How's it going, sweetie? You feel like having supper?
    (XDL to Sheree) Actually, I feel a little more like having a baby.
  22. Dinah: Excuse me?
    Girls... I'm in labor.
  23. Sheree: What? Are you sure?
    Well, I felt a little uncomfortable on the drive, but I just thought it was the burrito grandes and the chocolate shake. But now I'm positive I'm having contractions. Surprise! We're gonna have a baby.
  24. Lexie: Yeah, it's not on Sheree's schedule.
    I don't think we have any say in this. So....what do I do now?
  25. Sheree: Fine. We'll take my car. Whose phone is charged?
    Lexie: Mine is. I've got it.
    Sheree: Okay team, now let's...
    (moan with contraction) Here we go!
  26. Sheree: Okay girls let's get to the car. Girls? Oh for heaven's....
    (moan with contraction)
  27. Sheree: Okay honey stay calm.  We're going to get you to the hospital and everything's going to be just fine.
    I'm so sorry I ruined the weekend for everyone. (exit through porch door)
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