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    jin cheng, ouyang xiu reading at midnight, ink & color on paper
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    Chen Hengke, studio by the water(r1 921I)nk & coloor on paper.
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    qi baishi, a ghost scrates zhong kuis back (1964) ink & color on paper
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    li kuchan, cormorants (1964), ink & color on paper
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    ren bonian, portrait of wu changshuo (detail) (1880)
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    wu changsuo, bodhidharma (1915).  ink & color on paper
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    wang zhen, lotus (1921). ink on paper
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    pan tianshou, landscape w/ ancient pine tree (1954) ink & color on paper
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    pan tianshou, remembering the flowers of yandagshan (1962). ink & color on paper
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    huang binhong, landscape (before 1917). ink & color on paper
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    Huang binhong, dragon islet ink  on paper
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    • Zhang daqian plum blossom(1966).Ink and color & paper. painted in
    • Brazil ; inscribed to the owners 1967
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    zhang daqian, ten thousand miles of the yangzi (detail) (1967). ink & color on slik
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    zhang daqian, giant rocks (1974). litograpgh
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    • Fu Baoshi,Playing chess at the Water pavilion( 194Os).Ink and color on
    • paper.
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    • Fu baoshr, the scholair in His studio( c. 1945),recalling the eccentric ming
    • dynasty painter  shao Mi. Ink & color on paper.
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