Monthly Service Review: Level 5

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  1. DRO (Differential Reinforcement of Other Behavior)
    • Deliver reinforcer whenever the problem behavior has not occurred for a specific time
    • Reinforcement for no responding
  2. DRI (Differential Reinforcement of Incompatible Behavior)
    • Reinforce a behavior that cannot occur with problem behavior (it's physically impossible)
    • Withhold reinforcement for instances of problem behavior
  3. DRA (Differential Reinforcement of Alternative Behavior)
    • Reinforce occurrences of desirable alternative to problem behavior but alternative behavior is not necessarily physically incompatible with problem behavior
    • Reinforcement is withheld for problem behavior
  4. DRL (Differential Reinforcement of Low Rates of Responding)
    Use to decrease the frequency of the occurrence of a behavior, but not eliminate it all together
  5. DRH (Differential Reinforcement of High Rates of Responding)
    Use to increase the frequency of the occurrence of a behavior, but not eliminate it all together
  6. Redirection
    Redirection simply involves quickly diverting children's attention to an appropriate activity when they misbehave
  7. Overcorrection
    Behavior reduction tactic in which contingent on each occurrence of the problem behavior, the learner is required to engage in effort ful behavior that it related to the problem
  8. Extinction
    • Planned ignoring
    • Procedure in which reinforcement of a previously reinforced behavior is discontinued
    • Occurrences of behavior decrease in future
  9. Response Blocking
    Physically intervening as soon as the person begins to emit the problem behavior to prevent or block the completion f the response
  10. Follow Through
    • Implement contingencies consistently (no exceptions)
    • Ex: Johnny gets a lollipop for eating his lunch; Johnny doesn't finish his lunch, he does not get lollipop
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