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  1. The clearing cycle of the M61A1 gun starts at
    what time?
    When the breech bolt assembly returns the emptycase to the guide bar
  2. Ammunition is guided into the extractor lip ona breech-bolt assembly by what?
    Guide bar fingers
  3. Empty ammunition cases are removed from the bolt assembly chamber by what?
    Extractor lip
  4. What secures the barrels to the rotor assembly?
    Three rows of interrupted locking lugs
  5. What component guides the rounds through theactions of the gun?Breech bolt assemblyThe M61A1 gun uses what total number of breechbolt assemblies?SixHow many breech bolt assemblies are in theM61A1 Vulcan gun?SixWhat component transmits the firing voltage tothe primer of the round?Breech bolt assemblyThe barrels of an M61A1 gun are secured to therotor assembly by what means?Interrupted locking lugsWhat gives you a gripping surface for easyinstallation and removal of the barrels fromthe rotor?Knurled bands on the barrelsWhat provides for the front mounting of theM61A1 aircraft gun?Recoil adaptersOn the M61A1 gun, what is the clearing sectorsolenoid used for?Controls movement of clearing sector assemblyWhat happens when the clearing sector assemblysolenoid is activated?Sector arm diverts the bolt assemblies into theclearing cam pathWhat controls the forward and aft movement ofthe breech bolts in the M61A1 gun?Rotor tracksWhat engages the rim of a round throughout thefiring cycle?Extractor lipWhere are the extractor lips located on thegun?Front of each breech bolt assemblyWhat component is used to check the gun barrelsafter firing?Bore erosion gage
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