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  1. who came up with the theory of the Doctrine of Ideas
  2. who came up with the theory of the Doctrine of Intellect
  3. Father of anatomy also wrote bood entitled as Fabrica   
    Andreas Vesalius
  4. who was a professor of natural history and medicine at the Protestant university in Zurich
    Konrad Gesner
  5. known for the circulation of the blood, English Physiologist
    William Harvey
  6. Jansenist, mathematician and scientist
    Blaise Pascal
  7. Dutch naturalist that was the first person to devote his whole life to studies with the microscope
    Anton van Leeuwenhoek
  8. the idea that living things can arise from nonliving things
    spontaneous generation
  9. a philosophy of origins that states that the ideas of creation without a Creator
  10. the philosophy that states that he universe consists of nothing but matter and energy and has no spiritual or supernatural aspects
  11. the study of the function of the body structures
  12. who wrote The Origin of Species
    Charles Darwin
  13. who came up with the false doctrine of uniformitarianism and wrote Principles of Geology
    Charles Lyell
  14. the idea that the present is the only key to the past, and that all things continue by natural processes at the same rates as they always have done
  15. serious contradictions between the facts of the fossil record and the hypotheses of evolution
    "Cambrian explosion"
  16. What six foot long fish was believed by evolutionist by using its oddly designed fins to climb on land
  17. what fossil bird often presented an evolutionary link between dinosaurs and modern birds
  18. what is the biggest difference between man and ape
    Man is created in the image of God
  19. what was actually a collection of unrelated mammals that share a similar overall body plan
    "horse series"
  20. what was the second book that Darwin wrote, it pointed out the similarities between man and other animals
    The Descent of Man
  21. evolutionary hypothesis stating that evolution occurred in sudden spurts followed by long periods without change
    punctuated equilibrium
  22. serious contradictions vetween te facts of the fossil record and the hypothesis of evolution
    "Cambrian explosion"
  23. argument based on assumption that it attempts to prove
    circular reasoning
  24. "early human" fossils that terned out to be a hoax
    Piltdown Man
  25. A discarded "missing link" between apes and humans that's skull turned out to not be humanlike at all but similar to modern orangutans
  26. A chimpanzee like extinct ape, "Lucy"; and "Taung Child" = Sothern ape
    Australopithecus Boisei
  27. Believed that Australopithecine ape evolved into this 3 1/2 ft. "missing link" that turned out to be a mixture of human fossils and ape fossils
    Homo habilis
  28. believed to be fully human and "Java man" and "Peking man" were both classified as
    Homo erectus
  29. what group of fossil humans had lager brains and more powerful physiques than the average human today
    Neanderthal man
  30. 'cave men" that were identical to modern humans
  31. Roman general who wrote Natural History
    Pliny the Elder
  32. What do scientists use to figure out problems
    scientific method
  33. fossils that connect n kind of organism with another kind by a series of tiny steps
    transitional forms
  34. geologic column
    simple to complex sequence of fossils
  35. what is radiometric dating based on
    the fact that atoms of certain elements break down into atoms of other elements at a relatively constant rate.
  36. the dog sized mammal that was though to the ancestor of horses
  37. what science seeks to discover how the mechanisms of living cells work
    molecular biology
  38. 18th-century British theologian who asserted that living things show evidence of purposeful design by their Creator
    William Paley
  39. French scientist who founded the science of comparative anatomy
    Georges Cuvier
  40. Austrian monk who discovered the true nature of genetics and heredity
    Gregor Mendel
  41. what hypothesis states that an unborn baby while developing in its mother's womb, goes through various stages of development that resemble different animals
    embryonic recapitulation
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