Study Sheet #4

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  1. Hourly Administrative fee for secondary employment?
    • $7.00 for traffic related
    • $5.00 regular duty or furenal escorts
  2. No more than how many permanent/long-term scheduling jobs?
    3 jobs (4th if less than 2 weeks)
  3. What is the punishment for secondary employment policy violation (1st, 2nd, 3rd)
    • 1 offense is 30 day suspension
    • 2nd offence is 90 suspension
    • 3rd offence is 1 year removal
  4. What code do you use to log onto secondary if it is an emergency?
  5. How many 10-60 officers require a supervisor?
  6. When do you have to validate secondary employment?
    By the 6th of each month
  7. How much previous LEO experience must you have to work secondry employment while on probation?
    4 years
  8. Who approves 10-60 at place primarily selling alcohol?
    A/C special events
  9. Who approves donated time for 10-60?
    Director of Patrol and Enforcement
  10. Who approves exceptions to body armor during 10-60
    Chief of community affairs
  11. Who authorizes corrections personnel to wear uniforms while on 10-60
  12. Who approves 10-60 outside duval county
    Director of Patrol and Enforcement
  13. What lost, stolen, missing property requires a general offense report?
    • over $1,000
    • has serial number
    • damaged through criminal mischief
    • All thefts
  14. true/false
    The loss of a JSO issued firearm while out of Duval County shall be subject to reimbursement by affected employee.
  15. Who is the liaison between the JSO and other federal, state, local agencies?
    Integrity LT
  16. What can integrity be called out for?
    • Sheriff's Office Corruption
    • Human Trafficking
    • Police Impersonators
    • Murder for Hire
    • Extortion
    • Food Tampering
    • Stalking (VIP)
    • Arsons (church, school, over 1 million dollars)
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