Driving Test Signs 1-2

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  1. Reduced Speed Ahead
  2. Speed Zone Ahead
  3. Weight Limit xx Tons
  4. What does the sign shape Equilateral Triangle, Point Down represent?
    Exclusively for YIELD signs.
  5. What does the color red represent?
    Exclusively for STOP and YIELD signs, multiway supplemental plates, DO NOT ENTER and WRONG WAY signs, for legend or symbols on certain regulatory signs, and as part of interstate and certain state route markers.
  6. Speed Limit / Minimum Speed
  7. Slippery When Wet
  8. Side Road with Rail Crossing
  9. Narrow Bridge
  10. Chevron
  11. Wrong Way
  12. Right (or Left) Lane Ends
  13. Workers
  14. Flagger
  15. Must Turn Left
  16. Lane Ends Merge Left (or Right)
  17. State Route
  18. What does the sign shape Rectangle, Longer Dimension Vertical represent?
    used for regulatory signs.
  19. Rail Road Crossing
  20. What does the color blue represent?
    Used as background color for traveler services information signs, and the Civil Defense Evacuation Route Marker.
  21. Slow Moving Vehicle
  22. What does the sign shape Diamond represent?
    Used for warning signs.
  23. What does the sign shape Pentagon represent?

    Used for school advance warning signs.
  24. Side Road Ahead
  25. Bike Route
  26. Yield
  27. Traffic Signal Ahead
  28. Traffic signal ahead
  29. Parking area
  30. No Passing Zone
  31. Pedestrian Crossing
  32. What does the color orange represent?
    Used as background color for construction and maintenance signs
  33. T intersection
  34. Speed Limit
  35. Minimum Speed
  36. Stop Ahead
  37. Reverse Turn
  38. Truck Speed

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Driving Signs

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