Ch 27 Exercise and Activity

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  1. What are the positions?
    Prone, supine, Fowler's, Sim's, dorsal recumbent, lateral recumbent, knee-chest, lithotomy, and sitting.
  2. What are the devices for positioning?
    Foot boots, pillow, trochanter rolls, hand rolls, hand-wrist splints, wedge pillows, trapeze bars, and side rails.
  3. What side should the pt keep the cane?
    The stronger side
  4. Where should elbows be and at what angle?
    hips and at 30 degrees
  5. What is the basic crutch stance?
    Tripod 15cm or 6in in front
  6. What is the 4 point gait
    both legs bear full weight
  7. What is the 3 point gait?
    One legs bears all weight and the affected leg never touches the ground
  8. What is the 2 point gait?
    Both legs bear partial weight?
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Ch 27 Exercise and Activity
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Ch 27 Exercise and Activity
Ch 27 Exercise and Activity
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