Act 2 Scene 1

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  1. Act 2, Scene 1, opening line
    Brice, honey, I've got it. You're going to call if the storm center says the hurricane is turning. ... What? ... Stop... No, Brice! I mean it. I can't talk sexy to you right now. One of the girls could walk in. Tell you what, when I get home we can play our favorite game, TV Cameraman and the Naughty Weather Girl. (Sexy laugh.) Okay. Bye sweetheart. (Hang up phone.) Umm... Vernadette, did we bring these playing cards or were they here?
  2. VERNADETTE: They came with the house, "Weather Girl".
    Look, I know it's against the weekend rules to be taking all these phone calls, but Brice is really concerned about this storm ... and, besides, I miss him. It's the first time we've been apart since we got married.
  3. VERNADETTE: Trust me it gets a whole lot easier.
    So are you through in the kitchen?
  4. VERNADETTE: Almost. And here are all the leftover cookies for you to take to Kenny.
    Good heavens, the last thing Kenny needs is more sugar. He's so high energy, I couldn't have made it this year without that trampoline Dinah bought him. Sometimes I feel a little guilty when all the other mothers are calling their kids in to go to bed and I'm hollering, "Keep jumping, baby! Don't even think about coming in 'til you're good and tired!"
  5. VERNADETTE: If you've found a way of controlling your kid without having to sic a pack of snarling dogs on him, I say keep a-goin'.
    Hey, we all know you did your best with your kids.
  6. VERNADETTE: ...she might even be able to squeeze out a good memory or two.
    So if you had to do it all over again, you'd still have kids?
  7. VERNADETTE: Oh, sure. Just not the same ones. (Sound of wind....)
    (look up and toward window) Golly, listen to that.
  8. VERNADETTE: I'm surprised she didn't check to make sure we're all wearing clean underwear. (sound of wind)
    If the storm turns, you think water can get all the way up here to the cottage?
  9. DINAH: Only you could work kinky sex into hurricane preparedness.
    (X DS to Lexie) Hey, Lexie, I need to ask you a few questions before I go home to Brice, okay?
  10. LEXIE: Aw, shoot, I've got sand in my bosom.
    That's what they're using now? Well I guess it does make sense, it's cheaper and there's plenty of it. But I bet you have to be really careful when you take a shower. Sand gets pretty clumpy when it's wet.
  11. SHEREE: ... blow us all the way to the Piedmont. This is no time to eat.
    Sheree, honey, try to relax about the weather. Brice will call if anything changes. Now, let's just enjoy our time in case the weekend gets cut short.
  12. DINAH: Sheree just eat the damn biscuits.
    LEXIE: Well, in Sheree's defense, that took me by surprise, too. Vernadette's been on edge since she got here.
    (sit in stage right chair) Things are going pretty badly for her right now. I mean, even more so than usual.
  13. VERNADETTE: So put on your fat pants and embrace your heritage.
    This is nice. It reminds me of when we'd celebrate after a meet. We'd pig out on Poptarts in Sheree's dorm room. And here we are, still eating and celebrating.
  14. DINAH: Hey, you've got the biggest reason to celebrate this year.
    (sit up toward edge of chair) It was a beautiful wedding, wasn't it?
  15. SHEREE: I was really pleased so many of your friends from the convent came.
    Trust me, nobody loves a wedding like the Sisters. Those old gals really know how to party down.
  16. LEXIE: Oh, I've got honey all over my fingers.
    (X left to others) I made the Sisters swear they'd keep Lexie's tongue as far away as possible from Brice's ear.
  17. DIANH: Jeri Neal, you never told us about your honeymoon.
    (X DS Center) Oh, it was wonderful! Brice made sure I finally got to see the Vatican. And then we went to Florence and Venice. The only surprise was getting hit on so often. Turns out Italian men find women of a certain age to be very desirable.
  18. LEXIE: Oh yes, do tell, we're dying to know.
    Well ... I always dreamed about having a passionate, active love life ... (turn back to girls) I mean, not while I was a nun, of course, but after ... (turn back to front) when it was, you know, okay to dream about things like that. Anyway, I thought raising a child was tiring, but it's nothing compared to entering the bedroom Olympics with a man in his forties.
  19. LEXIE: The man was so egotistical, he screamed out his own name in bed.
    Well, I thought Phillip was very nice.
  20. VERNADETTE: I'm going to be a grandmother too.
    Oh, that's ... wonderful? (sit in stage right chair)
  21. LEXIE: Oh, I don't want to lose our little cottage to a hurricane.
    Me, either. I can't bear to think of us losing this place on top of all our other losses this last year --- my mom and then Randall.
  22. DINAH: He sure did.
    And then we lost Coach.
  23. SHEREE: Raise your glasses girls ... Absent friends.
    (pick up mug and stand) Absent friends. The faster we swim, the sooner we win!
  24. (My cell phone rings.)
    (into the phone and X DR) Brice? ... Really? (to the girls) The hurricane's turned toward us and it's moving and they're going to evacuate the Outer Banks. (into the phone) We're all packed and ready to go....
  25. SHEREE: If we get out now before the warning siren is activated, we'll beat the bottleneck at the bridge.
    (into the phone) We're leaving right now. Tell Kenny I'll call y'all once I'm in the car. Bye, punkin. I love you both. (X up to Sheree and start moving suitcases outside of the door)
  26. LEXIE: I take back every hateful thing I've ever said behind your back about your obsession with organization.
    (X up to Sheree) I don't know if I can see the directions in the dark.
  27. SHEREE: But everyone calls each other when we get home, okay? Where are my distance glasses?
    Oh, shoot! We only got in one group swim!
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