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  1. Where should area detectives fwd a SAR ?
    to MCD Major Crimes Div
  2. Gang Enhancement Procedures and  Gang History.
    Special Order 2.
    The two main components of a successful gnag enhancement allegation are, the quality of the gang expert and his/her testimony and.........
    predicate crimes committed by persons who are current or former members of the gang and exhibit a pattern of criminal activity.
  3. Special Order 37: Surveillance Notification Procedures.
    LA CLEAR is required to notify a unit of other investigations within a _________ ft radius and provide contact information.
    1,000 feet.
  4. Special Order 13:
    Worthless Document Investigation. 
    ATM Theft by use of PIN shall be reported as?
    an Identity Theft and labeled as such on the IR
  5. Special Order 42:  Law Enf Angency Endorsement for imigrant of Human Trafficking and other serious crimes against persons. 
    What is it required in order to get an immigrant visa (U Visa) from the victim/imigrant?
    It is required that the immigrant victim be cooperative with the investigation or prosecution of the crime.  It is NOT required that the suspect(s) actually be prosecuted for the crime.
  6. Special Order 25  
    Additional Secret Service Funds for other than witness protection>  15.2 shall include signature for OO if..........
    the entity requesting the additional funds falls under the chain of command of OO
  7. Special Order 33:  Emergency School Notification  Missing or Abductred Child Alert Form.

    Per policy which missing and child abduction cases does LAPD accept?
    PER POLICY WE SHALL ACCEPT ALL!!!  child abduction and missing reports
  8. Special Order 30: VESSEL REPORTING.
    In lieu of the CHP 180 , when reporting a  BOAT-RELATED investigation conducted by the Department what form do we use?
    Vessel Report.  

    Note: A related trailer "Theft" shall continue to be reported on a separate Vehicle Report CHP 180.
  9. Special Order 25.  mandatory Training update supsequent to a categorical use of force.  
    Involved employee(s) should receive a Training Update as directed within how many days prior to the involved officer's return to field duties?
    90 days
  10. In regards to a SAR ?  Susp Activ Report, what is an IP ?
    Involved Party:
  11. Special Order 23/ LARGE SEIZURES of controlled substances.  What officers are exempt from making the notifications to Narco Div., Hazardous Chemical Team, SID?  from which units/
    Officers assigned to :  Airport Squad (LAX), and  Parcel Squad, Narcotics Division
  12. Special Order 21: Documenting an illegal Private Person's Arrest. 
    What form is used to document it?
    15.7 with the circumstances surrounding the incident.
  13. What is a SAR?  Suspicious Activity Report
    Used to document any activity which an officer believes may reveal a nexus to foreign or domestic terrorism.
  14. How often should an officer in charge of a unit having electronic investigation equipment which is not in use shall test the equipment?
  15. FID shall fwd the approved report on an officer involved animal shooting and non-tactical unintentional discharge to Use of Force Review Division within how many days?
    Within 60 calendar days of the incident.
  16. Special Order 3: To avoid any change in the original position or location of evidence, detectives should prepare what?
    rough sketch on a "Crime Scene Sketch" form.
  17. Who holds investigative responsibility for Animal shootings and unintentional discharges?
  18. 17b4 bypass:  Can "wobblers" be referred to CA for filing providing te meet the criteria listed on the schedule?
    Detective w/c , supervisors and patrol w/c will NO LONGER HAVE DISCRETION TO DOWNGRADE FELONY/MISD OFFENSES.
  19. In regards to GPS Search Warrants or Third party records.  Is a tactical plan required?
    No.  An entry in the Warrant Tracking Log shall be completed specifically stating GPS installation only or records warrant only.
  20. Who has the final approval on "Cleared Other" Homicide cases?
    CO Robbery-Homicide Division (RHD) or upon final approval of the chief of detectives.
  21. Is the use of Personal Recording devices a susbtitue for Dept issued Body cameras dept digital cameras, in car video, sid?
  22. Can personal recording devices be used ?
    Should only be used in LIMITED CIRCUMSTANCES wherein evidence could be lost or destroyed, videoaudio statements/actions of suspect(s)  need to be quickly captured, or as an investigative tool lwhen Dept resources are NOT immediately available.
  23. Does an ADW with a motor vehicle constitute a traffic collission?
  24. Who handles an ADW with a vehicle?
  25. Amber Alert /CARE alert should be initiated within the first.......
    2 hours
  26. Notification for an officer involved in an " animal shooting or non tactical unintentional discharge"
    • Area Division w/C or supervisor
    • or RACR
    • contact local law enf agency if outside of the city.
  27. No Tactical plan is needed when submitting which types of warrants?
    for gps devices and 3rd party records..  (cell phones etc)
  28. If the concerned Bureau CO disagrees with the findings and/or recommendations of RHD on a "cleared Other' homicide  Authority will fan on?
    Chief of Detectives
  29. Cleared other"  Murder Investigation:
    Upon their signed approval of a f/u investigation, form 3.14 classifying a murde as "cleared other"  Homicide Coordinators will ensure that signature blocks of who are on the last page ?  hint ...  3
    • 1- Detective C/O 
    • 2- Area CO and  Concerened Geographic Bureau CO
  30. can the recording with a personal device be transferred via email?
  31. A  CARE alert form shall be prepared when the following exist?
    a- confirmed abduction by a non-family member
    b- parental abduction where child may be removed from the state
    c- Child faces threat of injury or death?
    d- all of the above
    e- non of the above, always complete the form.
    • a- confirmed abduction by a non-family member
    • b- parental abduction where child may be removed from the state
    • c- Child faces threat of injury or death?
    • d- all of the above
    • e- non of the above, always complete the form.
  32. 17b4 bypass , allows Det Supervisors to downgrade wobbler Felonies to misdemeanors.. What crimes are not allowed to be bypassed?
    • 1- Stalking
    • 2- Hate Crimes
    • 3- Elder Abuse
    • 4- Witness Intimidation
  33. Can officers use their personal cell phone to take video of an unruly threatening crowd?
  34. The final reviewing authority for a "cleared other" murder f/u investigation report is:
    The Chief of detectives
  35. Officers investigating a child abduction and/or missing child investigation shall notify the school within ____ days of disappearance.
    10 DAYS
  36. Use of personal recording devices during criminal investigations? 
    Can personnel use recording devices (cell phones, dig cmaeras) to document an incident ?
    • Yes!   in limited circumstances:
    • 1) Taking Photos of visible fingerprints/blood prior to impending rain at an outdoor crime scene
    • 2) Video recording an unruly threatening crowd; or
    • 3) Recording spontaneous statements /actions of suspects
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