Physiology III Anatomy of Gut

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  1. Hindgut Anatomy
    Cecum- colon- rectum- anus
  2. Large Intestine
    Cecum- Colon
  3. Colon Segments
    Ascending- transverse- descending
  4. Proximal Colon
    Ascending- transverse
  5. Distal Colon
    Descending Colon
  6. Large Colon
    Ascending- transverse parts
  7. Large Colon Equids
    Ascending Colon
  8. Small Colon
    Descending Colon
  9. Small Colon Equids
    Transverse- Descending Colon
  10. Simple Colon
    Species: Dog, Cat, Human

    Parts: Ascending- Transverse- Descending
  11. Intermediate Colon
    Species: Cow, Sheep, Pig

    Parts: Ascending/ Descending Spiral Colon- transverse- descending
  12. Complex Colon
    Species: Horse, Rodent, Rabbit

    Parts: Left/ Right Ventral/ Dorsal Colon- Small Colon (Sometimes called Straight Colon)
  13. Embryological Foregut
    Pharynx- esophagus- stomach- proximal part of duodenum until duodenal papilla
  14. Embryological Midgut
    Distal duodenum- jejunum- ileum- cecum- ascending colon- proximal 2/3 of transverse colon
  15. Embryological Hindgut
    Distal 1/3 of transverse colon- descending colon- rectum- anus
  16. Horse Complex Stomach
    RVC- sternal flexor- LVC- pelvic flexor- LDC- diaphragmatic flexor- RDC
  17. Headgut
    Oral cavity- pharynx
  18. Foregut
    Esophagus- stomach
  19. Midgut
    Small intestine
  20. Hindgut
    Cecum- colon- rectum- anus
  21. Small intestine length and volume
    • 80% total length of intestine
    • 25% of total volume of GI tube in domestic animals
  22. Small intestine large surface area
    Substantial length, small diameter, mucosal folds, and villi with microvilli
  23. Stomach total volume of the GI tract
    65% in domestic animals except pigs (30%) and horses (10%)
  24. Large intestine of horse total volume
  25. Major Site of Hindgut fermentation in horses
    Large Colon- ventral colon
  26. Ruminant stomach total volume
    Rumen total stomach volume
    • 70% of total GI volume
    • 80% of total stomach volume
  27. Gut
    Foregut- Midgut- Hindgut
  28. Gastrointestinal tract (GI)
    Stomach to anus
  29. Duodenum function
    Start digestion/ introduction to juices
  30. Jejunum function
    Majority of digestion and absorption occurs here
  31. Ileum function
    Absorb electrolytes and water
  32. Upper esophageal sphincter
    Pharynx from esophagus
  33. Lower esophageal sphincter
    esophagus from stomach
  34. Pyloric sphincter
    Stomach from small intestine
  35. Ileal orifice
    Small intestine from hindgut
  36. Ileocecal sphincter
    Horses, Rodents

    Ileum from cecum
  37. Ileocolic sphincter
    Dog, Cat, Ferret

    Ileum from colon
  38. Ileocecolic
    Pig, Ruminants, Human
  39. Internal Anal Sphincter
    Smooth muscle
  40. External Anal Sphincter
    Striated muscle
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