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  1. What flavor is associated with Ales?
    Fruity and Floral
  2. Which Flavors are associated with Lagers?
    Crisp and Clean
  3. What does IPA stand for?
    India Pale Ale
  4. What wheat beer do we offer on tap?
    Allagash white
  5. What Temperature glass should a craft beer be served in?
    Room temperature
  6. Which of the beers below are gluten free?
    Angry  Orchard Cider
  7. What does ABV mean on on menu?
    Alcohol By Volume
  8. Common Flavors associated with IPA
    Grapefruit and Spicy
  9. Which flavors are associated with malty beers?
    Caramel, Toffee, Roasty
  10. Which of the following beers has yeast in the bottom of the bottle and requires a special technique when pouring for a guest?
    German Hefeweizen
  11. What do American Craft beer versions of European styles tend to be like in terms of flavor?
    Bigger and Bolder
  12. If a guest usually drinks Bud light, what beer below might they enjoy trying?
    A Pilsner such as Lagunitas Czech Pilsner
  13. Why should you pour a bottled beer into a glass?
    It will allow for the guest to get the beers full aroma enhancing its overall flavor.
  14. Stouts typically have what main flavors?
    Coffee and Expresso
  15. A German Hefe-Weizen like Julius Echter has what prominent aroma/Flavor?
    Banana and clove
  16. A Pale Ale is what compared to an IPA?
    Slightly less hoppy with more emphasis on the malt Character
  17. Which is not a Sam Adams Seasonal Offering?
    Winter Lager
    Cold Snap
    Summer Ale
    Iperial IPA
    Imperial  IPA
  18. How do chilled or frozen glasses affect the flavor of beer?
    Masks and restricts the full flavor potential.
  19. Most beers at Legal Seafoods have the following as the majority grain.
  20. What is true about light beers?
    lower in alcohol than the average beer
  21. Vodka is a distillate that can be derived from which of the following?
    All of the above
    D all of the above Vodka is a neutral spirit mostly derived from grain, but can also be produced from any source of sugar or starch.
  22. Tito's Vodka is a Legal Sea Foods favorite for the following reasons
    A. It is from Texas, ....
    B. Tito is a well-known entertainer
    C. It is made with wheat which ensures the highest quality spirit
    D. It is Gluten Free
    D. Tito's Handmade Vodka is a trendy brand of CORN BASED, GLUTEN FREE vodka that is made in TEXAS.
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  23. Hendricks's Gin could be described in the following way....
    Hendrick's Gin is a Scottish Gin that is considered an international Style of Gin because it uses non-traditional botanical (in this case, cucumber and rose petals.) This Style of Gin is less assertive than a London Dry Style which has a stronger notes of juniper.
  24. London Dry Gin could be described in the following ways...
    a. Like the people of london Dry and difficult to understand.
    B. Off Dry
    C. No longer availale, extinct
    D. Drier than an Old Tom (Sweet style)Gin
    London Dry Gin is the most popular style of gin today with strong, citrusy, and sharp aromatics that are focused on Juniper. Not necessarily from London, but they are dry (Meaning not sweet)
  25. Mezcal and Tequla are
    A. Agave Distilates prodced in dif parts of Mxico
    B. Bth produced from the blue Wber Agve 
    C. Different nmes fr the sme prduct
    D. Bth smky in arma and flvr
    A. Any Agave based distillate is actually called Mezcal, BUT Tequila specifically can only be produced from 100% Blue Agave in the 5 specified states in Mexico. Mezcal can be produced anywhere in Mexico from different agave varieties and are usually smoky in flavor due to an underground agave roasting process.
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
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