SQL Topic 1:Database Concepts

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  1. database
    an organized collection of data
  2. software which provide the ability to create, maintain, and use data. often client/server based
    database management system
  3. examples of a database management system (DBMS) are:
    microsoft access, oracle database, IBM DB/2, MySQL, Informix, and Microsoft SQL server
  4. this is a database language used to manage data stored within a DBMS, was developed by IBM in 1974, is utilized by most database products today
    SQL (structured query language)
  5. the concept of removing SQL language from databases and changing how data is organized
  6. considered to be "structured storage" and "document based databases"
  7. data is organized into collections called tables
  8. each complete element stored within a database table
  9. each single item of data is known as a field
  10. a data structure which increases the speed of data lookup
    database indexes
  11. these cause write operations to be slower and the data to utilize more storage space. several types exist and are implemented by the database manufacturer
    database indexes
  12. the process of efficiently organizing data in a database
  13. a field within a database table which uniquely identifies a specific record or row
    unique key
  14. a unique key which doesn't allow null values
    primary key. data is required within a primary key field.
  15. this eliminates duplicative columns from tables. creates separate tables for each group of related data. creates unique identifiers for rows/records of data
    first normal form (1NF)
  16. data must meet the requirements of 1NF format. remove data which is duplicated within multiple rows. creates relationships between tables.
  17. data must meet the requirements of 1NF and 2NF formats. columns which are dependent on anything other than the entire primary key must be removed.
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