Klingner Ch 2 - Doing Public HRM in the United States

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  1. Planning Responsibilities For Elected and Appointed Officials
    Estimate revenues; set program priorities
  2. Acquisition Responsibilities For Elected and Appointed Officials
    Influence values that guide the selection process
  3. Development Responsibilities For Elected and Appointed Officials
    Define agency and program goals and priorities
  4. Sanction Responsibilities For Elected and Appointed Officials
    Determine appropriate personnel systems
  5. Planning Responsibilities For Managers and Supervisors
    Manage to mission within a budget
  6. Acquisition Responsibilities For Managers and Supervisors
    Hire and fire employees
  7. Development Responsibilities For Managers and Supervisors
    Make sure employees have clear goals, skills, feedback and rewards
  8. Sanction Responsibilities For Managers and Supervisors
    Counsel and discipline employees and policies
  9. Planning Responsibilities For Personnel Directors and Specialists
    Develop job descriptions, implement pay and benefit plans
  10. Acquisition Responsibilities For Personnel Directors and Specialists
    Develop hiring rules and procedures
  11. Development Responsibilities For Personnel Directors and Specialists
    Develop training and evaluation systems
  12. Sanction Responsibilities For Personnel Directors and Specialists
    Develop policies and programs for drug testing and discipline
  13. HRM Operations Under Patronage System
    Main focus is on Acquisition of the loyal applicant. HR specialist is part of the party or political advisor. Makes appointments based on the policy needs of the elected official.
  14. HRM Operations Under Civil Service System
    HRM has a balanced emphasis on each of the PADS functions. Thinking strategically about how all of these functions support the organization and the stakeholders. Serves as an advisor on HRM to officials and administration.
  15. HRM Operations Under Collective Bargaining/Affirmative Action System
    HR responsible for the negotiations, providing training to managers and supervisors on how to comply with the contract and represent the agency in HR related arbitration.

    Implements the rules for affirmative action.
  16. HRM Operations Under Third Party Government and NSWA Systems
    Contract manager - recruiting and motivating volunteers.

    Contingent worker manager - more focus on acquisition and sanction.
  17. Civil Service/Political Patronage Hybrid Appointment System
    Pick the candidate with the most political support from among the applicants that are at least minimally qualified.
  18. Civil Service/Affirmative Action Hybrid Appointment System
    Make sure the applicant pool has a sufficient number of women and minorities who meet the minimum qualifications for the position. Then either pick the most qualified applicant, or the most qualified minority applicant, depending on the extent of pressure and legal authority to appoint a minority group member.
  19. Civil Service/Collective Bargaining Hybrid Appointment System
    Fill a promotion or job assignment internally through a bidding process that emphasizes seniority as specified by the bargaining agreement
  20. Civil Service/Contract Hybrid Appointment System
    Reclassify large groups of clerical or technical positions as exempt. Fill them as needed with temporary and part-time workers hired as contractors.
  21. Civil Service/Contract Professional Hybrid Appointment System
    Reclassify a vacant position as exempt (outside civil service, filled through annual appointment contract). Offer civil service employees the opportunity to compete for it. The one who takes the job gets higher pay and better benefits but is no longer protected by civil service protections.
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Klingner Ch 2 - Doing Public HRM in the United States
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