Hazmat Specialist

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  1. CWA
    Chemical Warfare Agent
  2. TIC
    Toxic Industrial Chemical
  3. TIM
    Toxic Industrial Material
  4. FLIR
    Forward Looking Infrared Radiometer
  5. NanoRaider
    FLIR that uses CZT (cadmium zinc telluride) detector to analyze radiation. Can detect and identify radiation sources.Image Upload 1
  6. Ludlum
    • Survey tool
    • Image Upload 2
  7. Man-Rem
    • The concept that each member's exposure is kept as low as possible
    • Exposure is distributed among members as evenly as possible
    • Involves careful and thorough tracking and analysis
  8. Canberra UltraRadiac
    • Personal Radiation Detector
    • Used by HazMat Specialist
    • Image Upload 3
    • Will alarm at 5mR/hr which may be disconcerting (put this in context for members)
  9. Deny Entry When:
    • Flammables in excess of 10% LEL
    • O2 <19.5 or >23.5
    • Toxics within 10% IDLH
    • Obvious Fumes, Odors, Smoke, etc.
    • Asbestos/Dust Hazards
  10. Control Zones
    • Initial at 5 mR/hr
    • Secondary at 1 R/hr or 1000 mR/hr
  11. USAR Decon Setup
    Image Upload 4
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