Chapter 1 DDR Review Questions

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  1. Explain the difference between an accident and a catastrophe.
  2. Define the term disaster and note its relation to hazards and vulnerability.
  3. What is an emergency manager and what does he or she do?
  4. What are the four phases or functional areas of emergency management? How do these relate to Homeland Security?
  5. List the major categories of hazards.
  6. Provide one or two examples of hazards under each category identified in Question 5 which asked to List the major categories of hazards.
  7. What are the major changes an emergency manager can expect after a disaster?
  8. What are the goals of disaster response and recovery?
  9. What is an agent-generated demand?
  10. What is a response-generated demand?
  11. What is a normalcy-generated demand?
  12. What is a mitigation-generated demand?
  13. What is a preparedness-generated demand?
  14. What is resilience?
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