Java Quiz 1

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  1. What is the name of this course?
    CIS 156- programming with java
  2. when was java developed?
  3. who was java developed by?
    james gosling and a team at Sun Microsystems
  4. what was java originally intended for?
    to control household appliances
  5. in 1994 james gosling began seeing java as a language which could be used to shape the world wide web
  6. who began incorporating java into their web browsers in 1995?
    netscape communications inc.
  7. who is java owned by?
    sun microsystems. purchased by oracle in 2010.
  8. what is needed to program in java?
    jdk (java development kit) and java IDE (integrated development environment)
  9. what platforms does sun create the JDK for?
    solaris, linux, and windows
  10. this is a software package which aids in the development of applications.
    Java IDE (integrated development environment)
  11. what does the java IDE contain?
    programmer friendly editor, compiler, tools to aid in debugging, and programmer related reference material.
  12. what is the name of the program we will be writing code in this semester?
  13. who was netbeans created by?
    Java IDE developers and volunteers. It was led by sun microsystems
  14. this is a free IDE developed via the internet. it provides the ability to create applications in Java and C++. It has extensive support for all Java functionality, including GUI, text/console, and web based applications.
  15. where can the Java SDK be downloaded from?
  16. what is another alternative to Java IDE?
  17. what is the name of the IDE that was developed by IBM, borland, and several other companies?
  18. what are some features of java?
    architecture neutral, simple, object oriented, portable, interpreted, high performance, and secure
  19. this generates object code which can be used under multiple operating systems and processors.
    architecture neutral
  20. what language was java based off of?
    c++. sun removed the rarely used, poorly understood, and confusing features of c++
  21. all programming and data for a specific task, or feature, are programmed into a reusable module is what feature of java?
    object oriented
  22. not being implementation dependent means that java is what?
  23. what feature of java allows it to be used on multiple platforms?
  24. what is the result of java being interpreted?
    slower than other languages (only by milliseconds)
  25. the interpreter is usually more than adequate. compilers/JIT compilers are available. this technology is improving quickly. therefore java is high performance
  26. what feature of java makes it secure?
    easy to write code that is tamper proof and virus proof
  27. True or False. Java is case sensitive.
  28. program components are grouped into logical objects and each object contains all of the data anhd programming needed for a task in this type of programming
    object oriented
  29. what are some other names for states?
    attributes, data elements, or properties
  30. what is a framework for an object?
  31. this includes descriptions of all states/attributes/date elements/properties of an object, as well as applicable code.
  32. ____ are created from classes and are referred to as ______
    objects; instances
  33. each ____ of an object inherits characteristics of it's class
  34. code segments within a class or object
  35. a series of characters handled without interpretation
    literal string
  36. information a method requires to perform a task
  37. True/False. Class name's shouldn't start with an uppercase letter
  38. true/false. class names must start with a letter of the alphabet, an underscore, or a dollar sign
  39. true/false. class names can contain special characters and spaces
  40. true/false. java is not case sensitive
  41. this defines the main method of this class
    method header
  42. what is the syntax for a method header?
    access modifier, return type, method name, arguments
  43. blocks of code are placed within ____
    curly braces
  44. how many data types are there in java?
  45. these data types are simple and uncomplicated. they can be used as the basis for more complex types.
    primitive types
  46. name the primitive data types
    boolean, byte, char, double, float, int, long, short
  47. what range of numbers is a byte?
    -128 to 127
  48. how many significant digits is a double?
  49. how many significant digits is a float?
  50. what range is an int?
    -2.1 billion to 2.1 billion
  51. what range is a long?
    -9.2 times ten to the 18th to 9.2 times ten the 18th.
  52. what range is a short?
    -32,000 to 32,000
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