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  1. When we program in NodeJS, which other programming language has a syntax most similar?

    Javascript is built on V8, the Javascript engine which is written in C++
  2. NodeJS is built on what programming platform?
    Javascript - The V8 engine which is written in C++
  3. What is the standard that Javascript is based on?
    ECMAScript - Javascript was invented first but the other browser companies developed standards for Javascript known as ECMAScript. Javascript is the actual language/ECMAScript is the standard.
  4. What is the name of the Javascript engine?
    V8 - Created by Google and is open-source.
  5. T/F:  V8 can be run standalone or embedded into any C++ application.

    A) True
    B) False
    A) True
  6. T/F:  V8 cannot be run standalone but must be embedded into any C++ application.

    A) True
    B) False
    B) False

    V8 can be run standalone or embedded into any C++ application.
  7. T/F:  Javascript provides a built-in ability to access data from a file.

    A) True
    B) False
    B) False

    However we can use C++ code to add the file access functionality to Javascript.
  8. What is asynchronous code?
    Async is short for “asynchronous”. It’s easier to understand async if you first understand what “synchronous”, the opposite, means.

    In programming, we can simplify the definition of synchronous code as “a bunch of statements in sequence”; so each statement in your code is executed one after the other.

    This means each statement has to wait for the previous one to finish executing.

    With asynchronous code execution of a lengthy process can continue while the program moves on to other processes.  Multiple processes can happen at the same time.  This is also known as 'multi-threading'.

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