MAT Vocabulary Questions 2

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  1. adroit
    skillful, adept
  2. affability
    being easy to talk to
  3. affected
    related to verb affect and noun affectation
    false; artificial
  4. anachronistic
    out of the proper time
  5. arabesque
    decorative pattern - intertwining lines, flowers, animals, etc.
  6. asperity
    harshness, severity
  7. assay
    to examine for particular characteristics
  8. assuage
    to pacify or ease
  9. audacious, audacity
    bold, daring, adventurous
  10. aver
    to claim to be true; avouch
  11. belligerent
    hostile or warlike attitude or nature; eager to fight
  12. bombastic
    inflated or pompus in style
  13. boor
    crude, insensitive, overbearing
  14. burnish
    to shine by polishing
  15. burgeon
    to bloom, literally or figuratively
  16. brazen
    acting with disrespectful boldness
  17. cadge
    to beg for, to sponge
  18. castigate
    to punish severly, to chastise
  19. caustic
    burning, corrosive
  20. chary
    slow to accept
  21. churlish
    coarse and ill-mannered
  22. circumspect
    prudent, cautious
  23. words based on Latin root circus (circle)
    • circumference
    • circumnavigate
    • circumscribe
    • circumvent
  24. cleave
    to stick closely together or to split apart
  25. commensurate
    aligned with
  26. coalesce
    to fuse, to unite
  27. congruent
    coinciding; harmonious
  28. consternation
    shock, amazement, dismay
  29. convergence
    coming together in unity or similarity
  30. convivality
    enjoyment of good company, and eating & drinking
  31. Latin root jungere
    • to join
    • injunction
    • junction
    • juncture
  32. Latin root vivere
    • to live
    • revive
    • vital
    • vivid
    • revive
    • vivisection
  33. Latin root volvere
    • to roll
    • involve
    • revolution
    • revolve
    • voluble
  34. Latin root celer
    • swift
    • as in:
    • acelerate
    • celerity (rapid)
    • velocity
  35. credulous
  36. decry
    criticize or condemn
  37. dubious
  38. duplicity
  39. ebullient
    showing enthusiasm or exhilaration of feeling
  40. edacious
    given to eating
  41. epitome
    simplified representation
  42. equable
    equal and uniform
  43. equanimity
    even tempered
  44. dogma
    a religious doctrine that is proclaimed as true without proof
  45. foment
    • agitate: try to stir up public opinion
    • encourage
  46. forbearance
    patient endurance or toleration of offenses
  47. foppish
    dandified: affecting extreme elegance in dress and manner
  48. demogogue
    a dishonest political leader who seeks support by appealing to popular passions and prejudices
  49. derisive
    expressing ridicule or scorn
  50. disabuse
    to correct a fallacy, to clarify
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