Ops Study sheet #4

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  1. If ____ in Currency is seized you will call the on call Vice/Narc detective?
    over $5,000.
  2. t/f
    If DUI suspect has DL currently suspended you can seize their vehicle?
  3. Any vehicle used in the commision of a felony is eligible for seizure if $_____ or more.
    $2,000 or more (including contents)
  4. What is the cash value requirement for seizure when connected to a felony?
    $500.00 or more.
  5. T/F
    Prior to or during transport prisoners are not allowed visitors, cell phones, or communication with others
  6. ____ approval is needed prior to removing a prisoner from a vehicle.
  7. How long is an Ex-parte order good for?
    7 days after signed.
  8. After medical treatment who arranges transport of a baker acted individual to receiving facility?
  9. Prior to releasing a juvenile to an adult what makes then not eligible to take the child?
    • prior felony convictions
    • convictions for child abuse, drug trafficking, prostitution
  10. How often will officers be retrained in interview usage?
    Once every 3 years
  11. Secure custody of a juvenile can not exceed __ before being transferred to a detention facility?
    6 hours
  12. What is the check back for a juvenile civil citation?
    Code 6
  13. Who must be notified of a suspected child abuse?
  14. Where do you take truants that are refused by schools?
    parents or YCC
  15. Uncooperative truants refusing to give name or information will be arrested for _____
    resisting with out violence
  16. How long do you have to call NCIC for a dispatch number for a missing person?
    with in 2 hours
  17. After 10 days of missing person not being recoevered, Officer will do what?
    Write a supplement report and report it to a missing persons detective
  18. Officer will notify supervisor of escapee and who will follow up
    juvenile- missing persons

    adult- intelligence Unit
  19. Where do you take state foster runaways?
    New Beginings
  20. Who acitivated a silver alert?  Amber Alert?
    Missing persons (after approval from Homicide sgt)   Homicide Sgt.
  21. How long does an officer have to complete a category A offense?
    10 calendar days
  22. Sergeant must be notified about the following:
    • sexual assault
    • big fires
    • extortion
    • strikes
    • road closures
    • gang violence
    • suicide attempt
  23. Sergeant must respond to:
    Missing person, drowning, rape with injuries, aggravated child abuse, sig. 34, bomb threat, haz-mat incident, robbery w/injuries, food tampering, trafficking drugs
  24. Officers have how long to investigate category B offense?
    thru the 20th calendar day
  25. How long do you have to file on an arrest?
    24 hours if working the next day

    120 hours if not working the next day
  26. How long the the investigating officer file for an arrest warrant or capias on felony suspect still at large?
    with in 36 hours
  27. Who investigates arson?
    Integrity/special investigaitons
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