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  1. What is the four step marketing process?
    • 1. Create something
    • 2. Communicating
    • 3. Delivery
    • 4. Exchange
  2. What are the four marketing management philosophies?
    • 1. Product
    • 2. Price
    • 3. Promotion
    • 4. Place
  3. What are Consumers' Needs, Wants, and Demands?
    • The Needs are Basic - Physical, Individual, Social
    • The Wants are shaped by Perception such as special foods that are not needed but desired
    • Demands are when we had purchasing power that can meet our wants
  4. Who is in charge of the Modern Marketing System?
  5. What is the value chain?
    As goods go through the marketing system it becomes more valuable.
  6. What is the Societal Marketing Concept?
    This is the most recent marketing concept of "Going Green" and "Human Welfare".
  7. What is Relationship Marketing?
    • strategy that focuses on keeping and improving relationship with current customers
    • customer-oriented personnel
    • employee training programs
    • empowered employees - giving control to employees
    • teamwork
  8. Sales Oriented marketing:
    organization's focus is ______________
    firm's business is ________________
    product is directed to _______________
    firm's primary goal is ________________
    tools used are ___________________
    • organization's focus is INWARD
    • firm's business is SALES DOLLARS
    • product is directed to EVERYONE
    • firm's primary goal is PROFIT
    • tools used are HARD SALES
  9. Market Oriented marketing:
    organization's focus is ______________
    firm's business is ________________
    product is directed to _______________
    firm's primary goal is ________________
    tools used are ___________________
    • organization's focus is OUTWARD
    • firm's business is CUSTOMER'S NEEDS
    • product is directed to THOSE WHO BENEFIT
    • firm's primary goal is CUSTOMER SATISFACTION
    • tools used are ALL COMPANY'S DEPARTMENTS
  10. What is Ansoff's Strategic Opportunity Matrix?
    • Market Penetration
    • Market Development
    • Product Development
    • Diversification
  11. What questions should a mission statement answer?
    • What is our business?
    • Who is the customer?
    • What do consumers value?
    • What should our business be?
  12. Marketing objectives should be what four things?
    • 1. Realistic
    • 2. Measurable
    • 3. Time specific
    • 4. Compared to a benchmark (similar companies in the same industry)
  13. A company's mission statement is similar to the company's objectives?
  14. Corporate Marketing Ethics Policies are called _______  or _______.
    Code of Conduct   or    Code of Ethics
  15. What is the role of marketing research?
    • Descriptive - gathering & presenting factuals statements
    • Diagnostic - explaining data, such as determining the impact on sales of a change in the design of the package
    • Predictive - address "what if" questions
  16. What are the types of marketing research?
  17. What is the sampling procedure?
  18. What are the types of errors?
    • Measurement Error
    • Sampling Error
    • Frame Error
    • Random Error
  19. What are some types of survey research?
    • In-Home Interviews
    • Mall Intercept Interviews
    • Telephone Interviews
    • Mail Surveys
    • Executive Interviews
    • Focus Groups
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