maths circles and area

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  1. What is the area of a triangle?
    Base X Height over 2
  2. What is the area of a parallelogram?
    Base X Height (perpendicular)
  3. Area of a trapezium?
    Top line + bottom line x height
  4. Area of a kite?
    Half of the diagonals
  5. what is Compound Area?
    Compound area is a shape that can be split into different shapes in order to find the area
  6. What is the circumference?
    Circumference is the perimeter of the circle
  7. What is the diameter?
    A line that goes from one point on the circumference to another while going through the centre point
  8. what is the Radius
    The radius is a line from the centre point to a point on the circumference. The radius is half of the diameter
  9. What is the chord?
    the chord is a line that goes from one point of the circumference to another but does not go through the centre
  10. what is the tangent?
    a line outside the circle that only touches one point
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