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  1. What Systems are involved inspeech production?
    Respiratory, Muscular, Nervous, Phonatory,Articulatory, Resonatary, Articulatory/Resonatary
  2. Phonatory
    involved in production of voiced sound and utilizes components of respiratory system ( laryngeal structures and digestive system)
  3. Articulatory
    combo of structures used to alter characteristics of sounds of speech including parts of digestive and respiratory systems ( tongue, lips, teeth, soft palate, etc.)
  4. Resonatory
    includes nasal cavity andsoft palate and portions of respiratory and digestive systems
  5. Articulatory/Resonatory
    include face, mouth, nose, and nervous system
  6. Respiratory System
    passageways of gas exchange, lungs, trachea, oral, nasal, pharyngeal cavities
  7. Muscular
    smoothe, striates
  8. Nervous System
    nerve tissues and structures of central/peripheral nervous system controling muscles of control/sensory functions
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