MCB 161 Assignment 1

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  1. Image Upload 1What's the key idea?
    See spike when there's two stimuli next to each other
  2. What's the key reason for there not being a summation/broad window of opportunity when two EPSPs come together?
    There's also IPSPs
  3. Image Upload 2
    • Use a drug that blocks GABAa receptors that broadens window
    • Makes sense b/c now it's consistent w/ the duration of EPSP
  4. Define jitter
    • Variability of spiking
    • Spikes at some delay
  5. Image Upload 3What does GABA antagonist do to jitter?
    • Expands jitter time
    • Jitter happens at more variable time
  6. Without inhibition, what happens?
    Window is broader and jitter is higher
  7. Feed-forward inhibition is responsible for what?
    Coincidence detection
  8. Image Upload 4?
    • Whole cell recording- cell-attach
    • Bicu abolishes GABA and gets rid of inhibitory curve
    • There's a delay btwn onset of excitation and inhibition (about 2 ms, very fast)
  9. What's the reason for delay in onset of excitation and inhibition?
    Inhibitory neuron
  10. What's disynaptic inhibition?
    • When you block inhibition, inhibition is blocked (duh)
    • BUT when you block excitatory syanpse with NBQX, both excitation and inhibition goes away b/c excitatory neuron usually activates inhibitory synapse
  11. What does it mean that a single stimuli to the excitatory neuron spikes the inhibitory neuron?
    • Strong synapse
    • Spike sufficient enough to spike inhibitory neuron
  12. What's the basic message; what's the difference btwn inhibition on cell body and somewhere on dendrites?
    • Fast inhibition b/c closer to axon hillock
    • Slower thru dendrites
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