US History I: Unit 2

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  1. Sir Walter Raleigh was the man behind the attempt to colonize Roanoke. True or False?
  2. The Secotan were an Algonquian people. True or False?
  3. The Indians did not have any problems with English illnesses. True or False?
  4. The first English person born in North America was a girl, Virginia Dare, on Roanoke Island. True or False?
  5. John Smith told the colonists that if they did not work, they would not EAT. True or False?
  6. The Starving Time was not the fault of the colonists. True or False?
  7. Newport discovered gold. True or False?
  8. John Rolfe's tobacco completely transformed the colony. True or False?
  9. Who is Maryland named for?
    Henrietta Marie, wife and queen of Charles I
  10. Where was George Calvert's first colony?
  11. George Calvert was born a Catholic. True or False?
  12. Religious tolerance created a happy and unified Maryland Colony. True or False?
  13. Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson were banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony. True or False?
  14. William Brewster discovered New Haven. True or False?
  15. The General Court in Puritan colonies was the ___ of the government.
    Legislative Branch
  16. One important difference between the Puritans of Massachusetts Bay and those of Plymouth was that:
    The Puritans of Massachusetts Bay wanted to reform the Anglican Church of England rather than separate from it.
  17. According to the Doctrine of Predestination a person was either saved or damned from the time of his birth.
    True or False?

  18. The "Apostle to the Indians" was the Puritan Minister:
    John Eliot
  19. The West Indian servant whose tales of witchcraft initiated the witchcraft scare in the Salem Village was:
  20. King Phillip's war broke out when a praying Indian and graduate of Harvard was assassinated by a Wampanoag. True or False?
  21. The Dominion of New England was created in part to punish Massachusetts Bay for its failure to convert the local Indian tribes. True or False?
  22. The term "Restoration" refers to:
    Charles II's being brought to the throne of England in 1660.
  23. According to the Triennial Act,
    Parliament must meet every three years even if not called by the Crown.
  24. According to John Locke, the Glorious Revolution was a legitimate one. True or False?
  25. One of the restrictions that WAS NOT placed on Catholics after the Glorious Revolution was Catholics could not marry. True or False?
  26. Although William of Orange was married to James II's daughter, Mary, he also was in line for the throne of England. True or False?
  27. North and South Carolina began as one colony, Carolina. True or False?
  28. In a proprietary colony, the Proprietors have no responsibility except to collect the profits. True or False?
  29. John Locke wrote the original constitution for Carolina, but it was not what the colony needed. True or False?
  30. The Dutch founded Newfoundland with the intention of building a large agricultural settlement to grow export crops in the New World. True or False?
  31. Which of the following colonies was not considered a middle colony?
  32. Pennsylvania differed from the other English colonies in North America because...
    It had friendly relations with neighboring Indians
  33. The middle colonies were marked by ethnic, religious, and economic diversity is the best statement that describes the middle colonies in the colonial period. True or False?
  34. The Georgia did NOT grant religious freedom for all. True or False?
  35. The Trustee System was advised by a royal governor who lived in Savannah. True or False?
  36. Indian alliances were an important means of establishing power in the southeast for the European empires. True or False?
  37. The Navigation Acts specified enumerated goods that...
    Colonists could only ship within British Empire
  38. Most colonists in eighteenth century North America were largely self-sufficient, so they did not need to import consumer goods from Britain. True or False?
  39. Colonial governors possessed the right to veto legislation passed by the colonial assemblies. True or False?
  40. During the eighteenth century, colonial assemblies...
    Expanded their power and influence
  41. What are the three rights of every person as listed by John Locke?
    Life, Liberty, and Estate
  42. Early Methodists were called that because they were so methodical. True or False?
  43. The Wesleys began as Anglicans but were inspired to conversion by the writing of whom?
    Martin Luther
  44. Unlike with Wesleys, who was key to Whitefield's conversion?
    John Calvin
  45. One of the most contentious are of struggle in Queen Anne's War and King George's War was...
  46. Metacom's War was significant because it marked the shift in policy in India warfare to a policy of extinction and although British won, it devastated many towns and the colonial economy. True or False?
  47. Queen Anne's War was significant because the ___ helped shift control of the continent to England.
    Conquest of Acadia
  48. The headright system can be best described as:
    A grant of land given settlers of Jamestown who could pay their own fare from England.
  49. Indentured Servants were working off the cost of their passage to America. True or False?
  50. Pennsylvania's treatment of Native Americans was unique in what way?
    Pennsylvania's purchased Indian land that was then resold to colonists and offered refuge to tribes driven out of other colonies.
  51. Mercantilism was...
    The exercise of government controls over imports, exports, and economic activities generally
  52. One outstanding characteristic of Jamestown in its initial years was...
    The high morality rate among its settlers.
  53. Slave labor in the Chesapeake region increasingly indentured servitude during the last two decades of the seventeenth century, in part because...
    Improving conditions in England reduced the number of transatlantic migrants and a time when planters needed a constant supply of labor.
  54. William Bradford served as the governor of the Plymouth Colony for more than three decades. True or False?
  55. Roger Williams: Fled Massachusetts and founded Rhode Island in the 1630s. True or False?
  56. Cecilius Calvert: received a charter from the King to find a Catholic colony in the 1630s. True or False?
  57. John Smith: worked with the Powhatans to help the Jamestown settlers survive the "starving time." True or False?
  58. John Winthrop: served as the first governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.
  59. Jacob Leisler: led a rebellion against colonial authorities in New York to support the rule of William and Mary. True or False?
  60. William Berkley: served as the first govenor of Virginia during Bacon's Rebellion. True or False?
  61. William Penn: received a grant from the King to find a Quaker colony in the 1660s. True or False?
  62. Nathaniel Bacon: called for land reform in Virginia in the 1670s. True or False?
  63. Edmund Andros: formed the Covenant Chain with Iroquois in the 1670s. True or False?
  64. New Jersey WAS NOT a New England colony. True or False?
  65. An economic boost for the colony of Jamestown came with the cultivation of:
    Tobacco, which was in great demand in Europe
  66. The first elected representatives body in the English colonies was the:
    The Virginia House of Burgesses
  67. Georgia DID NOT succeed in keeping out slavery. True or False?
  68. New York was originally settled by the Dutch and then taken by force by the English. True or False?
  69. The Pequot War occurred as a result of the killing of a white man in Massachusetts, allegedly by the Pequot. True or False?
  70. The colonies established after the Restoration were all...
    Proprietary Colonies
  71. A large number of South Carolina's original settlers were British planters from...
  72. John Locke, a figure of the Enlightenment, influence American though with his works on...
    Politics and Philosophy
  73. The Trade Act created the Board of Trade with the intention to...
    Develop and supervise commerce in the colonies
  74. George Whitfield, known as an exceptionally gifted preacher, was a major figure in the Great Awakening in part because he...
    Preached in both England and the colonies
  75. Bacon's Rebellion saw indentured servants and small farmers come together against the colony's rich planters and political leaders. True or False?
  76. Metacom's War (1675-1676) left New England's Indians more powerful and threatening than ever. True of False?
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