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Music History
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Music History

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  1. Claudio Monteverdi/ the Artusi Controversy/ Prima and Seconda Practica
    Baroque composer who sought to increase the expression and emotion in compositions/ controversy between Artusi and Monteverdi; tradtional vs. a mixture of new and old/ old style versus new style
  2. Docrtine of the Affections
    Idea that musi affects the state of emotion
  3. Monody/ Basso Continuo
    Solo voice with accomp/formed choradal foundation/ both key components of Baroque music
  4. Giulio Caccini/ Florentine Camerata/ Le nouve musiche
    Composed madrigals to the subjects of ancient Greek music/ circle of scholars who discussed literture, science, arts, and musicians performed new music/ "New Music"
  5. Opera
    Primary genre, begins in Italy; adds new dimension of drama and theatre
  6. Libretto
    "little book" literary text for an Opera or other musical stage work
  7. Giacomo Perie/Stile Receitative/Recitative/Arioso/Aria
    An early composer of Opera accredited with inventing the recittative style/ Approaches speech like delivery amd follows natural rhythms of the text/Passage in recitative style/ section of strophic peom for a solo singer
  8. Orfeo/ Coronatoin of Poppea
    First surving Opera/ Monteverdi's Last Opera
  9. Giovanni Gabrieli/ Cori spezzati/ stile concertato
    Composer of polychoral motets/ divided choirs/
  10. Henrich Schutz/Symphoniae sacare/Concerted Motet
    Applie Italian style to church music; helped lay the foundation for later German composers/ first book of Sacred symphonies presents concerted Latin motets/
  11. Cremona/ Antonio Stradivarius
    Town in Italy where the first violins were made/ most prominent insturment maker
  12. Marc-Antonio Cesti
    Opera composer; Orontea
  13. Absolutism/ Versailles/ Louis XIV
    Complete government control/ Palace of King Louis, in France/ King Of France - monarch
  14. Tragedie Lyrique
    French version of the Italian Opera, more dance like
  15. Jean Baptiste Lully
    Official composer of Tragedie Lyrique and the head of music at Louis' court