Decedent Affairs

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  1. Who receives a copy of the CO's letter of condolence? NAVPERSCOM and OJAG (investigations division)
  2. Where are full details and examples of basic telegram formats for notification and confirmation of death found? MILPERSMAN
  3. What officials are ACTION ADDRESSEES on a casualty report on a deceased or missing member? NAVPERSCOM, BUMED, and Casualty Assistance Calls/Funeral Honors Support (CAC/FHS) Program Coordinators of the area in which the PNOK and SNOK reside, or the appropriate overseas CAC/FHS Program coordinator and the Naval Offuce of Medical/Dental (MEDDEN) Affairs.
  4. How does a command notify of a casualty? Priority message
  5. What official is responsible for making the FINAL Personnel Casualty Report for a sailor stationed at NAS Norfolk who was killed onboard NTC Great Lakes while on leave in Chicago? CNO Area Coordinator, GLAKES area
  6. What directive implements the Navy's Casualty Assistance Calls Program(CACP)? BUPERSINST 1770.3, The Navy Casualty Assistant Calls Program Manual (CACP)
  7. If doubt exists as to the individual from whom you should request instructions as to the disposition of a service man's remains, guidance can be obtained from what Navy Department Official? Chief, BUMED
  8. When is the CNO an INFORMATION ADDRESSEE? If the casualty is incidental to naval operations and on all reports of progress in searches for missing personnel
  9. Normally, who has the primary responsibility for the implementation of CACP when an active duty person dies? Casualty Assistance Calls Program Coordinator who has cognizance over the geographical area where the next of kin reside.
  10. What is the established time period to notify the NOK of Naval personnel who are dead or missing? Between 0600 and 2400.
  11. What is the maximum number of hours of a casualty that a uniformed member of the Navy must notify the NOK? 24 hours.
  12. Upon death of a member, the CO must write a letter to the PNOK and SNOK within what maximum number of hours? 48 hours.
  13. Who is the overall manager of the Navy and Marine Corps Decedent Affairs Program? Naval Office of Medical/Dental (MEDDEN) Affairs, located at Great Lakes, IL.
  14. What is the maximum time period that a CO must send a casualty report to NPC after receiving word that a Navy member is involuntarily missing from duty? 4 hours
  15. What official confirms a casualty by telephone/telegram to the NOK for a casualty at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard when the NOK resides in London, England? Overseas shore-based Naval
    Commander near east NOK
  16. What official confirms a casualty by telephone/telegram to the NOK I'd a casualty occurs at the Naval Station, Naples and the NOK resides in Norfolk? NAVPERSCOM
  17. What official confirms a casualty by telephone/telegram to the NOK if a casualty occurs at the Naval Air Station, Corpus Christi, TX and the NOK resides in the immediate vicinity? The CO
  18. What is the disposition if mail addressed to deceased members? Hold for 15 days and return to sender with a letter of transmittal.
  19. What report is required when death occurs? The Personnel Casualty Report (death), Report Symbol BUPERS 1770-4 Officer/Enlisted.
  20. What report is required for missing personnel? The Personnel Casualty Report (Missing/Missing in action), Report Symbol BUPERS 1770/4 Officer/Enlisted.
  21. If a casualty occurs away from the members command, who will notify the member's command, NAVPERSCOM, BUMED, and MEDDEN Affairs of the death by priority message? The naval activity first contacted about the casualty.
  22. Where would you find notification procedures and message formats if the decedent was a Marine Corps member? Marine Corps Casualty Procedures Manual (MARCORCASPROMAN), MCO P3040.4 series.
  23. How is the NOK promptly notified in all cases of death involving naval personnel? IN PERSON by a uniformed Navy representative.
  24. When will an autopsy be performed on the remains of all persons who die on AD for training? When the CO seems such procedure necessary.
  25. What may the CO's determination, that an autopsy is necessary, be based upon? May be self initiated or based upon the recommendation of an investigating officer, other fact finding body, or medical officer.
  26. What must be obtained to perform an autopsy on retired personnel or non military persons who die at a naval MTF or installation? Written authorization from the NOK BEFORE the autopsy is performed
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