Music History II

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Music History II
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UNL Music History

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  1. Air
    English or French song fo solo voice with accomp
  2. Ouverture
    French for "opening" introduces an opera
  3. Notes inegales
    Way of performing French music in which passages notate i sort, even durations are performed by alternating longer notes on the beat with shorter offbeats to produce a lilting rhythm
  4. Masque
    English entertainment involving poetry, music, dance, costumes, choruses, and elaborate sets, akin to the French court ballet
  5. Semi opera/ Henry Purcell
    Dramatic opera with music excerpts/ "One hit" opera composer in England
  6. Solo sonata/ trio sonata/ Arcangelo Corelli/ da chiesa/ da camera
    Solo violin with continuo/ two treble instruments and basso continuo/ First important composer to employ the use of tonality in compositions/ for church/ for chamber
  7. Concerto grosso/ ripieno/ concertino
    Small ensemble against large/all or full/ small ensemble
  8. Ritornello/ Ritornello Procedure
    Little return of an insturmental passage/ Usually played at the beginning, interludes, and at the end; sometimes played throughout, in varied form
  9. Antonio Vivaldi/Ospedale Della Perta
    Best known Italian composer of the early 18; virtuoso violinist, master teacher, and popular composer of opera, cantatas, sacred music; especially known for his concertos/ one of four "hospitals" in Venice, homes for orphaned, illegitimte, or poor boys and girls, run like strict boarding schools
  10. George Frederic Handel/ Opera Seria
    Famous composer of Opera and Oratorio, consummate master of contrast/ Genre of Italian opera on a serious subject but normally with a happy ending, usually withou comic characters or scenes
  11. Senesino
    A castratto
  12. Da cappo aria
    and aria sung and then repeated
  13. English Oratorio
    Use of chorus, not intended for church, borrowed and reworked from himself