Quiz-HB and Vent rhythms

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  1. heart block that is not really a block
    1st degree
  2. What defines a 1st degree HB?
    A PRI greater that .20
  3. Describe the following for 1st degree HB? 

    regularity, HR, P waves, PRI, QRS
    • reg: usuall reg or irregular 
    • HR: varies 
    • P waves: upright, consistent 
    • PRI: >.20
    • QRS: .12, regular
  4. What defines a type 2, 2nd degree HB?
    • More Ps than QRS*
    • ONLY TRUE HB with a consistent PRI***
  5. Describe the following for 2nd degree, type 2 HB? 
    regularity, HR, P waves, PRI, QRS
    • reg: reg or irreg 
    • rate: varies, but usually low 
    • P waves: uniform, upright. ALWAYS more P waves than QRS's
    • PRI:ONLY TRUE HB with a consistent PRI***
    • QRS: <.12
  6. What defines a 2nd degree type 1 HB?
    PRI is lengthening then resets***
  7. Describe the following for 3rd degree HB? 
    regularity, HR, P waves, PRI, QRS
    • Reg: regular usually 
    • PRI: changing all over
  8. Defining characteristic of 3rd degree HB? why?
    PRI is all over the place because atrium and ventricles each pace themselves separately***

    more P waves than QRS**
  9. What 2 true HB have more Ps than QRS always
    • 2nd degree type 2 
    • 3rd degree
  10. What defines a ventricular rhythm? why?
    • typically wide QRS. greater than .12
    • no fail safe after ventricular rhythms
  11. What defines PVC? What is it due to?
    -ventricular irritability

    • -wide QRS >.12
    • -
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